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Columbia Born, Los Angeles Based

Caledon Virtual is fully digital, meaning that we are a local small business to everyone, no matter where you are. We serve the entire U.S. with ease. Our remote team can meet with you no matter what your preferred location is through online meetings, phone calls, emails, and more! Caledon Virtual originated in Columbia, MO, and has since grown to now call Los Angeles our newest home base.

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Beverly Hills

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Los Angeles

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Newport Beach

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Costa Mesa

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New York

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St. Louis

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Columbia MO

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Kansas City

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Real Estate Born, Medical Based

Caledon Virtual historically grew from an original client base in the real estate industry. After 2008 when the real estate industry had to altogether regroup their marketing, Caledon Virtual expanded into additional industries. Caledon Virtual today and it’s sister companies provide detailed niche marketing tailored to specific industries. Our approach allows us to get to know the nuances of what makes marketing really work; down to the details in an individualized approach that can be massively expanded. These industries are including but not limited to…