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Drive marketing qualified leads to your Real Estate business through a strategy using a full suite of digital marketing tactics. Contractors, Mortgage Firms, Real Estate Brokerages, Title Loan Companies work with our digital marketing strategy team to create a scalable strategy to drive more potential buyers and sellers to your website.

Caledon Virtual marketing strategists specialize in five core digital marketing tactics that include; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PayPerClick Advertising (PPC), Website Development, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Email Marketing Automation. Through crafting a strategy with all of the tactics our digital marketing strategists ensure that your tactics all work together to achieve the overall lead goal for your business.

Defining your digital funnel

Scale your digital marketing strategy by understanding all the phases of your digital funnel. Our team works with you to define each step of the journey for your buyer or seller. With each journey fully defined our team can create custom tracking events to record data at each step of your journey. This technique helps provide our team with data that helps identify patterns that scale your results.

Hyper local seo for optimal online visibility

Get in front of the buyers and sellers that matter to you most by engaging a Hyper Local SEO strategy. Our team of performance marketers will develop highly localized strategies that increase your search engine rank within your target market’s geographical region. We utilize a combination of geo-fencing, and geo specific keyword optimization to ensure that your website populates when potential buyers or sellers are looking for your service.

Scale your website traffic with paid media campaigns

After defining your perfect buyer, and identifying a scalable pattern for quality website traffic our digital marketing strategists will craft a media plan using a combination of Google and Social Media Ads. Depending on your buyer persona our team will focus on driving hyper local quality leads for individuals in your target market looking for your service offerings.

we manage digital marketing and paid media strategies for the following businesses in the real estate market

  • Mortgage Companies
  • Real Estate Brokerages
  • Building Contractors
  • Interior Designers
  • Home Renovation Businesses
  • Remodeling Contractors
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate

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Uncover the past year’s marketing data to identify areas of opportunity moving into a post pandemic economy. For a complimentary performance marketing audit please click HERE


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