Will Smith, pre-Oscar smack-down, had nothing but good things to say about Miami.

He loved to party in the city where the heat is on, all night, all day to the break of dawn – welcome to Miami. If Miami were a color, it would be a prism that maintained its vibrance when held to the sunlight. A cultural Mecca, a smorgasbord of ethnic chic, Miami is the municipal equivalent of the funny best friend: always entertaining, always surprising, and always up for anything.

Boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the nation, Miami is home to the elite, middle class, and those determined to become one or both. With eclectic art and architecture, Miami as a city is a gallery, its population the works of art upon its gleaming walls. One could travel the world just by passing through the “little nations” that make up the city. Take a walk down Ocean Drive and breathe in the history contained in the Miami Beach Art Deco – gracing the avenue for nearly a century. Food, shopping, drink, dancing, and a bit of everything from everywhere, Miami is the international crossroads of culture, fashion, music, and entertainment.

Marketing in Miami presents a unique set of challenges. The city itself speaks and persuades, so extreme creativity, novelty, and surprise are well suited to this area. Caledon Virtual is up to the challenge of being a Miami-friendly digital marketing agency; we have taken the time to do more than study the metrics; our strategists are immersed in the study of the city, the culture, the demographics, and the lifestyle snapshots.

So, when you look at the city that parties every night to the break of dawn and wonder how you are going to touch on the vast array of potential patients utilizing digital marketing in Miami, think Caledon Virtual. Contact us today.


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Because even though the world of digital media seems to be all about analytics, those analytics come second to a portrayal of your expertise, your persona, and the total package clients are looking for when searching for a plastic surgeon in the Miami area.

Caledon Virtual is proud to offer the following marketing services in the Miami area:

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Logo Design


For a digital marketing strategy to be effective, both the client and the agency must know what they are up against. When marketing in Dallas, SEO must be combined with strong and exact localized advertising. It is more than knowing zip codes and search words; a marketing agency must know the personas in the area.
Logo Design

Paid Search

Paid search in a market like Dallas can be a crap shoot unless the time is taken to develop and understand the consumerism of the area. It would be simple to do a wide-reach with paid search, but in Dallas, casting a net is not the best strategy; specificity is.
Logo Design

Website Development

You will have to appeal to artists, real-life cowboys, executives, homemakers, and the list of markets goes on and on. That means your website must be responsive above everything else and guide the consumer to where you want them. Website development is more than making it palatable; it is making it work. Caledon Virtual understands how to do just that.
Logo Design

Email Marketing

Your email marketing in Dallas should reflect the city itself: bigger, options, choices. Educating your potential patient through email is one way to pique their curiosity and draw them in. If you are looking at pulling in repeat customers, you need to understand that despite their personal economic status, Dallas consumers are savvy. They are loyal to those they appreciate.
Logo Design

Social Media

Dallas social media is the “bragging rights” cocktail party of the universe. You will want to be slick, prestigious, and just a bit audacious to get the attention of the Dallas potential patient. Caledon Virtual has done the serious groundwork in this area, and we know what will work and


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