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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the strategy behind increasing volume, quality and conversions derived from website traffic. Calevir Performance develops a comprehensive strategy to optimize conversion rates of your website.

All high performing websites that generate maximum results in the form of leads, sales or other inquiries have a distinct digital buyer’s journey. Calevir Performance’s CRO strategy enhances the effectiveness of the digital journey, or what strategists call “the funnel”.

Every component that contributes to potential drop off rates between each stage of your funnel is what Calevir Performance marketers search and isolate. We believe that each one of these “kinks” in your funnel generate a loss of opportunity. To limit these potential lost opportunities Calevir produces comprehensive strategies to develop a CRO approach that fixes the kinks, and increases production. We focus on doing more of what works, and less of what isn’t.

Identify potential opportunities in your conversion rate strategy

Get customized performance audits and consultations that help us get to know your business infrastructure and how it pertains to driving quality leads through your website. We believe that technology should always be used as an expediter and not in place of an effective strategy. We break down your digital funnel and make sure that each stage is tracked properly so that you can start driving the highest ROAS possible.

  • Analyze your company’s digital stack for redundancy
  • Confirm precise and accurate conversion tracking from traffic source to revenue
  • Provide comprehensive performance audits on all of your digital channels
  • Give custom recommendations on how to grow your conversion rate
  • Conceptualize, Implement, and Execute on a monthly basis

Through quality data analysis our team can help paint the reality of your company’s digital marketing efforts and ways that you can take it to the next level.

conversion improvements
  • Conversion Driven Research
  • Breadcrumb Technique Usage
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Multivariate Split Testing
  • ICE Framework Prioritization
  • Product Page Improvements
  • Attention Ratio Simplification
  • Chatbot Creative Greeting

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