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Drive brand awareness, and increase market impression share to reach more patients that need you. From local to county health departments to private and corporate level healthcare entities, Caledon Virtual serves as a powerful tool in any healthcare systems digital marketing and communications strategy.

Calevir Performance marketers develop strategies for your healthcare or medical practice to drive high quality traffic to your site. Depending on your practice or healthcare networks digital goals our team will utilize a combination of website development, search engine optimization, paid media management, social media marketing and email automation to increase marketshare coverage and drive new patients through your doors.

increase patient consultation booking

Drive a strategy that increases patient consultation booking by pairing your procedure and treatment offerings with the right digital channel. Caledon Virtual provides an analysis of your current campaign efforts and identifies opportunities to increase efficiencies and maximize your consult booking results. From conversion tracking testing, to A/B testing ad creative and custom audiences Calevir Performance marketers begin optimizing on your consult booking rate by understanding your offerings and procedures. From there we craft a strategy that educates, engages, and converts website visitors to SQLs (sales qualified leads).

analyze your marcom stack

One of the most important metrics your practice can benefit from is understanding how to track a patient through each stage of your digital funnel until they are fully transitioned into your EMR (electronic medical record) system. Our team of business and digital strategists will work with you to identify every digital tool and system you use in your marketing (Marketing and Communication Stack), and we will begin to organize and consolidate them to decrease redundancy and increase efficiency. We integrate CRMs into your digital stack to track your MQL (marketing qualified lead) through to your SQL (sales qualified lead) and eventually a fully enrolled patient.

increase your practice’s digital footprint

Through effective procedure and treatment offering categorization Caledon Performance marketers will create recommendations for your practice to seize market opportunities in your target areas. Managing your paid media ad budget our team of media buyers and analysts will integrate and snag the best advertising opportunities on channels and platforms that matter to you most. From RealSelf, to Yelp and Google My Business Calevir performance strategies consistently look for ways to increase your practice’s digital presence and reach.

we manage digital marketing and paid media strategies for the following healthcare/medical practices:

  • Private Healthcare Networks
  • Telehealth Practices
  • Public Healthcare Departments
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Luxury Medical Spas
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

schedule a complimentary performance marketing audit

Uncover the past year’s marketing data to identify areas of opportunity moving into a post pandemic economy. For a complimentary performance marketing audit please click HERE


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