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Your company needs a website, and your website needs SEO. Our search optimization strategists will partner with you to understand and tell your story in a way that humans and search engines will understand to see maximum effectiveness.

Pay Per Click Advertising

With over two trillion searches on Google every year, it’s important to make sure your voice and story rise to the top. One way to cut through the noise and competition is through Google advertising. Our ad specialists are excited to learn more about your brand and make sure people searching online know about it, too.

Content Writing

How do you craft a perfect story? The words we use paint pictures to help engage and excite customers looking for the services and products you provide. Our content strategists take the time to learn your story and amplify it when copywriting so that readers are compelled to act.

Caledon Virtual is the perfect partner. They put experts on each of the different parts of my project giving dedicated attention to each facet. They listened to my goals and development needs and then provided insights and guidance to make it even better. CV is a partner that enhances your vision and exceeds your expectations. Phillip Imler, Ph.D., President, Global Alliance of National Parks

Brand Strategy

A brand is more than its composite parts. A brand is an identity, tells a story, and either invites people in or pushes them away. Our designers and brand strategists are visual storytellers who will help your company take on a brand identity that is unique to your business and the people you serve.

Logo Design

We all recognize the need for a great logo. But not as many people understand what goes into a logo design, which is why our designers can help set your company apart by capturing your heart and story in a way that engages potential clients and customers.

Branding and Rebranding

Has it been a while since you’ve looked at your branding? Did you know it’s a good idea to update your branding and logo every 5 years or so? Even the big brands like Apple and Google regularly update their look to keep it fresh and relevant for their customers. If it’s been awhile and you’d like to rebrand, we can help!

The Caledon Virtual group are the hardest working folks around. Very smart; very organized; very attentive to detail and customer service. They are great folks to work with – particularly when the deadline is looming.

– Mark Farnen, Managing Partner

Strategy Action Plans

You know you need to post on social media, but for your posts to be effective, you need a plan. Our team of content and social media strategists will create a strategic action plan specific to your business so your voice and story is amplified and impactful for the right audience to see.

Audience Engagement

When social media platforms determine which content to place in people’s newsfeeds, one factor they look at is engagement. The more engaging your posts are — with likes, comments, and shares — the more likely the platform is to show those posts to other people.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising is a key part of any effective social media strategy, especially if you want to reach new clients and customers for your business. Our specialists will work with you to determine the best goals and create ads to meet those goals for your social media.

The most valuable aspects of our relationship with Caledon Virtual is their genuine care, concern and efforts to help our association keep in the mainstream of technology as well as building resources that are beneficial to our members. The entire staff is invested in helping MMEA grow, as well as helping to continually move our association forward. MMEA is excited to continue growing our association with the help and guidance of Caledon Virtual!

– Rob Nichols, Former President, Missouri Music Educators Association

Web Design & Development

Informative websites tell stories and show your authenticity as a business. The goal is to build trust so potential clients and customers choose you over your competitors. Our web developers will work to create the perfect site to meet your goals, amplify your voice in your community, and connect with people who need your products or services.

e-Commerce Web Design & Development

Your business sells a product, and a website is your new storefront. A great e-Commerce site will provide a seamless sales experience for your customers, taking them through your sales funnel to complete their purchase.

What’s Your Goal?

Whether your goal is to inform or sell, our team will work with you to create the perfect website to meet your needs and goals.

Caledon came through for us when the heat was on, deftly navigating challenges of design, user interface and a complex retail backend. Their thoughtful suggestions on structure and round-the-clock diligence made them feel more like full-on project partners rather than the ‘hired guns’ so common in today’s web development world.

– Russ Potterfield, Founder/CEO, Print Ninja

Brand Development

You want to stand out and rise above your competitors. We can help. We offer consulting to help elevate your brand and can provide expert, outside consultation to help amplify your story and services to the people who need them the most.

Competitor Analysis

To compete well and outperform your competitors requires knowing who those competitors are. We can conduct competitor analysis to determine the best strategies for you to rise above and outperform, meeting the needs of your clients and cutting through the marketing noise.

SEO Audit

A website is only as strong as its SEO, and our team can perform an audit to help identify weaknesses, areas for improvement, and an action plan moving forward. Search Engine Optimization requires technical prowess and our team can get you started with the recommendations you need to succeed!

We have worked with Caledon Virtual on website development and marketing. They have been amazing to work with, promptly responding to questions and providing guidance. Members of the team are friendly and knowledgeable. Caledon has gone above and beyond and we look forward to a long relationship with them!

– Connie Willman, Meramec Regional Planning Commission, Naturally Meramec


We start with an in-depth analysis getting familiar with your services and revenue stream, we dive into your current marketing plan reviewing: Impressions, Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), Cost per click

(CPC), Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and Conversion Rate (CvR). These Key Performance Indicators take the mystery out of the performance equation and replace it with data science. We review your marketing collateral with a critical eye to content, design and placement. We identify, learn, and analyze your digital footprint looking at your current digital marketing strategy stack. We provide a detailed written audit and spend the time to review this with you.


We plan our strategy based on the data we collected and our strategic expertise. Strategy includes creative ads and placement for optimized results. We work to increase your CTR and lower your CPA to produce a quality ROI that keeps your business growing.


We execute with specific goals that we set with our clients and with clear parameters to measure success of those goals. We launch with clear Call to Actions that drive conversions. We setup your digital funnel with conversion events that identify when our lead has moved forward in the sales process.

Engaged Management

Caledon Virtual sets itself apart with intentional and active management of accounts utilizing A/B testing along the way to reach higher performance. We use strategic re-engagement to bring leads back to the funnel and continue their progress to conversions. On a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, our digital marketing squad of strategists will monitor and optimize your digital marketing efforts based on real time data.

Reporting Results

We provide in-depth and personalized reporting on a monthly basis to demonstrate results and return on investment. We will let you know what tactics and strategies work, as well as what didn’t work so that we can build on making your strategy more effective and efficient. We focus on week over week and month over month data to show how you are Experiencing your potential and driving overall company growth.

Calevir is diligent and smart, communication with them is terrific. Written reports before and after a campaign are very well written and offer a ton of insight into your campaigns performance. A great group of strategists to work with and will definitely continue using his services.

– Tom Zhilin, E-Commerce Entrepreneur



Caledon Virtual is a results-driven company. We constantly tweak and improve our strategies based on the results we see and the results you want. We’ll work with you to set goals and then watch the numbers to make sure we’re accomplishing those goals together. When you work with us, you’re working with a team dedicated to your success who will pivot and adjust to meet your goals every time.

before before after
after before after
At Caledon Virtual, we know your branding should be consistent across the board. When our client, Cleek’s, was re-branding and wanted an updated logo, we started researching. They wanted a cleaner, fresher look. As University of MO fans, they wanted it to identify in some way with the Mizzou Tigers too. After a few different examples, Cleek’s chose the logo that was perfect for their new image, incorporating the University’s colors of black and gold.



Jefferson City attorney's website | 2020 vs 2019 (SEO)

Through our 3 phase ongoing SEO process we aim to seek results in organic performance. Results can easily be illustrated with this Jefferson City attorney's website analytics from 2019 and 2020.

Organic Search Sessions
Google Clicks
Google Impressions
Boone County Millwork | May 2019 vs May 2020 (Facebook Ads)

Through the implementation of Strategic Action Plans and the use of Facebook Ads Platform, we succeeded in extending the reach of Boone County Millwork. Our client experienced significant spikes in the number of people exposed to our clients social media pages, as well as sizable increases in engagement and impressions.

Facebook Likes
Facebook Engagement
Facebook Ads Clicks | April 2020 vs April 2019 (SEO)

We have worked with Inter-State Studios to achieve better on-page optimizations, which has led to improved ranking, thus more impressions and traffic. In addition to on-page optimizations, we have strengthened Inter-State's backlink profile by disavowing low-quality backlinks. The end result: traffic of both a higher quantity and quality.

Click-Through Rate



Columbia is home. Not just for our office, but our team. We love this city and want to see businesses succeed and thrive. We want to know your story, your goals, and your struggles so we can help you thrive and grow in your business.



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