We Craft Marketing Strategies.

Caledon Virtual is a digital performance marketing agency that crafts online strategies using a full suite of digital tactics.

We Use Marketing Data To Make Decisions.

Using custom AI and data dashboards, Caledon Virtual develops marketing strategies that have one thing in common. A Digital Funnel. We develop our strategies around your digital funnel, and record data points to help steer us in the right direction.

We Systemize Your Marketing Strategy To Scale.

By identifying components of your strategy that work, Calevir performance strategists create scalable processes in your strategy to help increase efficiency while increasing ROI. Do more of what works, and less of what doesn't.

We Optimize With Passion.

Our team of digital strategists approach optimizing your campaign with precision and high energy, no matter the stage in your strategy. We're constantly monitoring success patterns in your marketing data, and are on a mission to find a scalable formula for your digital success.

How We Help

By focusing on accurate information dissemination and strategic messaging, Caledon Virtual is determined to deliver successful marketing strategies that produce profitable results for our clients. Crafting our strategies using a full suite of digital marketing tactics, our strategists use a balance of technical and creative skill to optimize, and identify scalable patterns to maximize results.

Social Shopping

Social Shopping: The Virtual Mall First, you must understand the importance of the “influencer.” The influencer is a relatively new idea based on an ancient concept of doing what “the populars” do. The main difference is that the entire internet is the high school and the populars have millions of followers who, for sometimes deeply questionable reasons, will buy the products the influencers use, listen to the music the influencers…

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Preventative vs Regenerative

Preventative Aging Procedures: Here Come the Millenials Beauty trends pre-date common sense. Let’s be real for a moment. The ancient Egyptians used kohl and green malanite, natural occurring minerals, with a heavy hand. Both male and female Egyptians would heavily line both the bottom and the top of their eyes with the black or green substance, not necessarily for the sake of beauty, but because they believed it would prevent…

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SEO Trends in 2022

SEO Trends of 2022: Learn To Dominate the SERPS

   Have you ever seen that episode of Friends where Ross buys the couch that won’t fit up the stairwell to his apartment? At one point in the scene, when his friends are attempting to lift the sofa over the stairs, out of frustration and the realization that he has made a poor choice and that, ultimately, the couch is not going to fit up the stairs, he begins to…

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