We foster an environment of constant learning, where our glorified "nerds" love learning the latest and greatest digital marketing techniques and how our clients can benefit from them. We take our work seriously, but can't always say the same for ourselves.

Our team knows the value of hard work. That being said, we also know the value of a good laugh, a great work playlist and even better office buddies. In our office, you can always find a constant flow of coffee and a furry pooch to cuddle whenever the need arises.

J. Michael Roach

Creative Director

Emily Hawkins

Operations Manager

Brenda Groza

Operations Coordinator

Joe Crenshaw

Development Manager

Cherilyn Holloway

Development Executive

Monica Harris

Development Executive

April Barnett

Client Service Manager

Alli Donohue

Client Relationship Manager

Alison Guzman

Account Executive

Kaley Curtis

Account Executive

Dillon Lara

Web Development Manager

Allison Guthrie

Web Dev/UX Designer

Austin Lewis

Search Marketing Strategist

Riley Paskach

Search Marketing Specialist

Josh Burrell

Digital Marketing Manager

Jess Ford

Content Marketing Specialist

Deb McGonagle

Content Strategist

Bill Chlanda

Senior Graphic Designer

Alisha Lopez

Senior Graphic Designer

Katie Bedsaul

Production Designer

Cali Dawn

Canine of Caledon - Pack Leader


Canine of Caledon

Roxy Rose

Canine of Caledon

Sadie Sue

Canine of Caledon

Tulip Tea

Canine of Caledon

Mowgli Dowgli

Canine of Caledon

Sage Mcgee

Honorary Canine of Caledon

Zephyr Jingle

Canine of Caledon


Canine of Caledon
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