The city of the arts, Costa Mesa has matured from a small agricultural community of 15,000 to one of the most eclectic and cultural centers in the United States.

You can be the star of the show at the world-famous Segerstrom Center for the Arts and South Coast Repertory Theater. If shopping is your bag, head to South Coast Plaza, and if you are a fan of Vans, Costa Mesa is home to its headquarters.

If mainstream isn’t your flow, Costa Mesa is also home

To The Lab and The Camp, two counter-culture retail developments. And if you are a fan of keeping it green, the environmentally friendly SoCo Shopping Plaza is right on the money. Costa Mesa is a haven for young and old and boasts 28 parks, three libraries, and is home to three higher learning institutions.

CV loves CM

Caledon Virtual is a huge fan of Costa Mesa; from the cultural offerings to the shopping, we hold a special place in our hearts for Costa Mesa. Eclectic, funky, sporty, dramatic – you’re demographic in Costa Mesa, much like the city itself, is diverse, unique, and requires special attention. There is no such thing as a hook in Costa Mesa; you won’t catch the attention of your potential clients unless you are prepared to think as they live.

There is no formula for a successful advertising or digital marketing in Costa Mesa. Like Costa Mesa, there is a beautiful blend of arts, culture, counter-culture, and civic pride. But Caledon Virtual isn’t interested in formulas; we prefer equations. Equations include variables, and to truly do marketing in the Costa Mesa area, you have to understand that there is more than one potential client. Our clients benefit from our web design, social media, SEO, and other services.

Demographically speaking, they are all over the map. Caledon Virtual loves variables and adores Costa Mesa, all aspects, niches, areas, cultures, and kinds. Contact us today.


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Caledon Virtual is proud to offer the following marketing services in the Costa Mesa area:

Logo Design

Private Labeling

Caledon Virtual has all the working pieces necessary to launch your private label product or line. From obtaining product, design, and promotion, we are a one-stop shop for private labeling.
Logo Design


Caledon Virtual’s strategists can analyze your current search engine optimization or implement a strong digital campaign for you. Understanding the competition, becoming familiar with the territory, and creating buyer personas to help direct your marketing are all in Caledon Virtual’s wheelhouse of SEO strategy.
Logo Design

Paid Search

Paid Search is quite literally changing everyday. Our team keeps on top of the shifting landscape of paid search so you can take care of your practice.
Logo Design

Website Development

When asked if a practice has a website, their immediate answer is “yes.” But do When asked if a practice has a website, their immediate answer is “yes.” But do have a website that reflects the particular persona of your practice? From mood boards to colors, fonts, and images, a website is the world’s first glimpse of you. Caledon Virtual will make full use of the assets that you already have in place and help you find your strength online with a website reflective of your expertise.
Logo Design

Email Marketing

So much more than sending out a coupon or an offer, Email marketing can easily become the invitation to which the lion’s share of clients RSVP. From the perfect subject line to catch their interest, to an engaging preview, your content will be elevated by our highly skilled designers to communicate your expertise to your client pool.
Logo Design

Social Media

What was once the most intensive and fluctuating aspect of digital marketing has become one of the most important. So many platforms, so little time, but Caledon Virtual will put our social media strategists to work for you, relieving stress and the pressure of the three-posts-per-day-per-platform rule of thumb.
Logo Design

RealSelf Management

RealSelf is the social media jewel in the marketing crown for plastic surgeons and aestheticians. Our team of dedicated RealSelf strategists can manage all aspects of your RealSelf presence.


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Lead volume
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About the Team

J. Michael Roach

Interim President

Has dedicated his professional career to marketing, branding, and having fun while excelling at both.

Emily Hawkins

Vice President of Operations

Has dedicated her career to streamlining operations in marketing, leadership and management.

Brianna Collicott

Account Manager

Has the unique ability to be both task-oriented and people-focused, perfect traits for a Digital Marketing Account Manager.