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Drive quality traffic through your advertising campaigns on Google, and Facebook. Improve conversion rates, and dominate on your digital marketshare.

Caledon Virtual performance strategists start with your end goal in mind. We reverse engineer your digital marketing strategy so that we can confirm tracking and data. From there, we constantly monitor your media campaigns testing and analyzing campaign data looking for a pattern to scale.

Increase online resort/hotel booking rate

From a 1000 foot view, we work on your hotel’s booking rate by deploying a suite of digital tactics that help drive quality traffic through your digital funnel. From an initial discovery session our Calevir performance team will help identify the phase of optimization your hotel fits in; Conversion Tracking Analytics, Landing Page Optimization, Data Reporting and ROI Analysis are all taken into consideration when working on improving an online booking rate.

Hotel Search Engine Optimization

Calevir begins your SEO strategy by performing initial keyword research. We work on defining the key terms to start tracking and developing your website content. Our strategists check for quality search volume, and relevancy; we work with both SWOT and Competitor analysis reports to determine the best keywords for optimization. Performing both on-page and off-page optimization our team integrates with your marketing department to optimize content on a monthly basis for high quality traffic.

Improve your cost per booking (cpb)

We utilize past campaign performance in both paid search and social channels; to identify patterns that can help optimize your cost per booking. All though marketshare still plays a very big role in how much it costs a hotel or hospitality chain to book a visitor; there are several ways our team can extract your performance data and create a rich environment for testing. Through consistent and smartly developed A/B test experiments, Calevir works on consistently optimizing your cost per booking for maximized results.

we manage digital marketing and paid media strategies for the following companies:

  • Boutique Hotels
  • Independent Hotel Chains
  • Private Resorts
  • All Inclusive Resorts
  • Luxury Casino Resorts
  • Luxury Destination Resorts

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