They say you’ll make it anywhere if you can make it there. But making it there requires a skill set that most often mirrors that of a chameleon. Digital marketing for medical practices in New York is an animal all its own. Pick a culture, any culture; pick a demographic, any demographic and you’ll find it in New York. From the celebrity and uber-wealthy to the upper middle class, working class, and those who chased a dream to the Big Apple.

You’ll have to be creative, and you’ll need a digital marketing agency that thoroughly analyzes how you market in New York. And of course, the timing has to be perfect. You might think that casting a wide net is the best strategy. Caledon Virtual will help you rethink that strategy.

We understand that location matters; the message you send to that location matters more. And time, well, time is the most precious commodity of them all. New Yorkers move fast, and they have plenty of places to move to. That means that you must have a digital marketing agency that is in tune with the pulse of all of the Burroughs, islands, sections, and neighborhoods of New York.

Caledon Virtual understands those movements and the motivation behind those movements. We are your best choice for a knowledgeable digital marketing agency in New York because we have already made it there. Now, we’d happily take you with us to the city that never sleeps.


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Caledon Virtual is proud to offer the following marketing services in the New York City area:

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For a digital marketing strategy to be effective, both the client and the agency must know what they are up against. Caledon Virtual’s strategists will put all available metrics to work for your digital marketing campaign of choice, making certain that the right moment meets the right opportunity.
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Paid Search

Paid search is an ever-changing landscape. In a digital environment, like Google or other search platforms, the market is becoming crowded. How are you going to stand out in that crowd? Caledon Virtual has answers that include innovative ways of using digital marketing, paid search and some old-school/new tech hybrids that will make your potential patients take note.
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Website Development

There is a huge difference between having a website and having a web presence. Is your website interactive and responsive? Does it make potential patients want to meet you in person? Does it provide the right information in the right places? Caledon Virtual can help you refresh your website to modern capabilities, or if you want to start all over with a remake, our team will make that happen.
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Email Marketing

Email marketing is the old stand-by, but the old stand-by is beginning to feature some very interesting and profitable offerings. From coupons and GIF’s to full how-to videos and virtual tours, Email marketing is one of the best ways to focus your digital marketing budget. Email marketing can be done in rapid fire (EBlasts) or in a slow, metered campaign (EDrips). These types of campaigns require close monitoring. Caledon Virtual can design an effective, smart, budget-friendly Email marketing campaign that suits your needs.
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Social Media

If you think there are only a couple of social media platforms that require your attention, Caledon Virtual will help you widen your scope. From business-to-business marketing for referrals to full-blown social media campaigns featuring current and up-to-date patient testimonials, our social media strategists are prepared to help you nail the social media market.


If you have five minutes, we have information that could change your business for the better! Check out our blogs, updated biweekly with information that can help you optimize your marketing strategies.


Here is a snapshot of what Caledon Virtual can do for your practice:

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Google Clicks
Lead volume
Up 164%
Google Clicks
Conversion rate
Up 407%
Google Clicks
Cost per lead
Down 42%

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Has dedicated his professional career to marketing, branding, and having fun while excelling at both.

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Vice President of Operations

Has dedicated her career to streamlining operations in marketing, leadership and management.

Brianna Collicott

Account Manager

Has the unique ability to be both task-oriented and people-focused, perfect traits for a Digital Marketing Account Manager.