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Send your phenomenal care home with your patients!

Caledon Virtual can access and help you produce a private-labelline exclusively for your practice. Your patients can take your personalized care home with them in packaged products that have your name, trademark, or label on them.

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  • Caledon Virtual accesses a nation-wide supply chain of some of the most sought-after products in patient pre-or post-op care including CBD, magnesium, supplements, and other products.
  • Caledon Virtual utilizes those known and trusted product chains and turns them into your exclusive brand because the small business self-starters that created the products understand this is a win-win for them and for you.
  • The final stage of preparing to launch your white-label brand is branding. Caledon Virtual will generate and design packaging exclusive to your practice. We can even design merchandising, displays, and setups to display your exclusive brand.

The best news of all? It can be on YOUR shelves in YOUR office in just three

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  • We begin the tease marketing campaign directed to your patients and potential patients through Eblast and social media.
  • While our marketing experts are promoting the products, you are selecting the products, working with designers to create the branding.
  • Once you have made the decision on your launch-product line (we recommend starting with two to four products that you feel strongly about) we complete the design on the packaging and you decide how you want them displayed. Click here to find out more about display design and merchandising.
  • Once you have made all of the decisions, we complete the design and aesthetics for your white-label products and you approve them, our marketers will work on an Eblast or social media campaign that will announce your product.
  • Once you have product in hand, we revisit your YouTube channel as well as your Tik Tok or Snapchat and begin the cross promotion, and possibly plan a celebratory launch party.

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