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Reach Out and Relate: The Call for Review 

They pop up everywhere now. On websites, apps, and even on receipts from fast food restaurants, you will find a request to “give a five-star” rating. Everyone wants to be reviewed and is not ashamed to ask for a good one. But no one ever thinks that their request may be answered with a negative … Continued

Celebration Photo Shoots: Putting Your Clients in the Spotlight

What could be more exciting for your clients than celebrating their new and improved self? So why not offer them the opportunity to be in the spotlight on your website? Not in a before or after picture, but in a lifestyle photo shoot featuring various clients celebrating beautiful living. This is more than a before/after … Continued

Social Media is Doing a Flip; Make Sure Your Strategy Isn’t a Flop

Social Media is Doing a Flip; Make Sure Your Strategy Isn’t a Flop What was life even like before social media? No one knew what you were having for dinner, that you were spending a weekend with your besties for the restie, or that your dog strangely resembled George Clooney after a mishap at the … Continued

Your Professional Photo Blog Design

Does Your Headshot Say Cheese or Cheesy? It is probably the least of your worries. You run a successful practice, are respected in your field, and have a website. Your headshot is the last thing on your mind. You have become completely comfortable with stock photos and whatever else might be on your website. But, … Continued