Happy 1Happy 1

The presents are unwrapped, holiday guests are (hopefully) making their way home, and it’s back to business for you. If you have a rockin’ holiday inbound marketing strategy, you likely opened things up this morning and discovered piles of leads that rolled in over the weekend. If not? Fret not. Just read the tips below and resolve to make at least one change to your 2016 digital marketing strategy.

Here are four ways Inbound Marketing is Santa Claus:

Arrives with a Sleigh Full of Leads— When you push out digital ads with an engaging call to action, people will click. When you lead them to a beautiful landing page that adds value to the user by asking them to enter some personal information, people become leads. Lesson? Create killer content and see those leads come flying in behind eight tiny reindeer.

Puts You on the Search Engine Nice List—Just like Santa knows who deserves a stocking full of coal, search engines can tell if you are putting forth digital marketing efforts that are relevant to your target. Keep an ear to the ground to stay on top of what your potential audience needs and engage those pain points. If you don’t, say hello to the “Naughty” list.

Gains Followers with a Lovely Disposition— Everyone knows and loves Santa’s signature phrase, “Ho, Ho, Ho!” What are they saying about you and your brand? If you intend to increase positive brand awareness, social media is one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to do it. Get your personality out there so people can follow along.

Makes a Believer from the Coldest Heart—Even the coldest of leads can be woo-ed through a strong email newsletter campaign tailored to their online interaction with your brand. As they continually digest relevant content, their heart for your brand will grow at least three times larger.

Ready to ramp up inbound marketing for your business? We’d love to sit down and brainstorm some creative ways to catch leads and convert them to your brand. Give us a call today to get started!