Cinderella Glass Slipper 16936171941 1Cinderella Glass Slipper 16936171941 1

There’s a sensational moment that occurs when you’re sauntering casually through the store and you spot the exact shoe you’ve been searching for weeks to find. The color matches half your wardrobe. The price is right, AND you know you’ll be the envy of everyone at the office. You simply must have these shoes. You scan the rack for your size, and there it is–the only remaining box. Many silent prayers later, you get the courage to grab the box. Unfortunately, when you peek under the lid, you see that the shoe is a half-size too small.

This may be a deterrent for most people, but not you.

So, like one of Cinderella’s ugly step-sisters, you shove your foot into a vessel that is obviously too small. Limping to the mirror with an eighty-year-old duck walk is painful, but the reflection you see is sheer perfection.

So, what’s a little discomfort? These shoes are worth it, right?

We all know how this story ends. Those perfect shoes will enjoy one day in the sun before you realize the blisters and bandages just won’t work. They will then sit in the closet, collecting dust, for two years before you reluctantly throw them in the “give-away” bin. What a waste!

Though this story may seem silly and a little vain, you may be doing something very similar in your business without even knowing.

If your social media strategy isn’t intentional and goal-oriented, you are wasting time, effort, and money. Before you begin shoving your foot into the wrong shoe, we suggest you consider the following:

  • Fish where the fishes are – This is THE most important consideration. Just because you use Facebook doesn’t mean your teenage customers do. When you focus your attention on the places where your demographic is actively engaged, your ROI will soar. Who doesn’t love that? To learn more about who is on what platform check out this article from Business Insider.
  • Forget the Jones’ – Don’t buy the hype that you have to have a presence on every social media platform to be successful. Choose two or three that you know will help meet the goals of your business and focus your energy there. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed trying to keep up with several platforms your audience doesn’t even use.
  • Know thy social platform – Maybe you are a new business looking to raise awareness about your location. Maybe your organization is hosting a fundraising event next month and you need to get the word out. Or maybe you are establishing yourself as an industry leader and want to focus on engaging with business owners. Whatever your call to action may be, it’s important that it is reflected in the type of social media tools you choose. Reading this overview would be a great first step.

Ready to win with social media? Give us a call today to create a strategy that will get your business off and running.