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TikTok is not just for teens with questionable dance moves. It is one of the hottest inbound marketing trends of 2022. Yes, TikTok, with the grocery store dance videos and glances at people’s lives, must be incorporated into your digital marketing strategy if you want to stay current. But, of course, you also can’t forget the importance of Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts. 

What exactly does that look like for a medical or health-centered business? It looks like fun! Some ways to really jump into the new and much more brief “commercial” of the modern-day is to leverage the personalities you have in your practice, including your patient population. A procedure that went well is a TikTok moment. Likewise, prepping for a procedure is a TikTok moment. Before and afters – TikTok moments. 

A minimal investment of time and a bit of money to have a vinyl step and snap printed with your practice’s name and logo can show one of the most significant returns on a minimal investment. You must move into the video/vignette movement; here’s why.

  • A high majority of Facebook videos are watched without sound
  • People are more likely to prefer video over text when looking for a service
  • A video content landing page has nearly a 90 percent frequency conversion over text-heavy

But your prospective clients don’t just want to see you; they want to hear you. Podcasting is becoming more popular than television because you can listen to a podcast when driving, jogging, or doing yoga. Podcasts are portable powerhouses for your practice. And the initial investment in podcasting isn’t going to be earth-shattering. You can record a podcast on your phone, in your car, or on your way to work. 

How do you get the message out about your podcast? How do you decide on content for a podcast? Podcasts are easily DIY; literally, anyone with something to say can record a podcast. But Caledon Virtual can move that podcast beyond a conversation with your phone. We have specialists in the arena who understand the podcast production process.

For example, suppose you want it to become something your clients or potential clients are drawn to. In that case, it must be fully produced with an intro, a bumper, full content that is relevant and interesting, and a call to action. Our podcast specialist also knows how to get your podcast on the top podcasting catalogs. 

The podcast is hot right now. Nearly 75 percent of people listen to podcasts to get information about anything that piques their curiosity; most listen to learn something new. Almost 100 percent (seriously) would rather listen to a podcast than read the newspaper. And two-thirds of the population prefer podcasts over television.    

The cell phone has been called the coveted leash of the modern world. But what you don’t know about that high-powered computer in your pocket is that it can boost your digital marketing through the roof. Is there an app for you? There needs to be.

What on earth could I do with an app, you may be asking yourself. You could invite people to sign up for text alerts about new products, discounted procedures, or changes in practice hours. That app that you don’t have could be a scheduling portal for prospective clients. Suppose you are willing to put a bit more money into a customized app.

In that case, you could allow people to “try on” some of your procedures by uploading a photo of themselves and utilizing photo editing software. Reach them with the device that is already in their hands. And allow them to reach out to you. 

New buzzword alert: social action that aligns with what your practice does. It is actually easier than it sounds. The days of writing a check to support a cause are slowly fading away as a new generation expects companies of all types to take responsibility for erasing injustice and a lack of compassion. Instead, they want to give their business to businesses giving back. 

So what does a medical practice have to give back in the form of social action? Here are just a few of our ideas:

  • Transparency in healthcare, especially regarding insurance manipulation
  • Offering services at a fraction of the cost for victims of accidents
  • Career path investing by allowing students in high school to job shadow 
  • Form an alliance with a holistic practice to beautify the inside as well as the outside

This type of social action screams for social media attention. Some well-thought-out partnerships and a digital marketing campaign centered around that partnership, including some videos to share the narrative, will go a long way in not just reaching but reaching out to potential clients. 

Despite all new ideas, it does come back to the most objective truth: content is king. Solid, intelligent, conversational, relevant content will pull your potential clients to you. The days of the “know-it-all” informant are gone; your content must speak to people in a language they understand. So what kind of content should you keep, and what should you lose?

Here are the winners when it comes to content:

  • Blog posts and short articles (3-5 minute reads) are still the most effective way to create engaging inbound marketing.
  • Next up is the email newsletter. We suggest you follow up with a short video or a podcast to elaborate on the information in the newsletter. Tying all of your inbound marketing together and giving it an overarching theme is one of the best ways to amp up the bang for the buck.
  • Case studies are holding firm when it comes to effectiveness. We would suggest that a before/after video or photo gallery could also be considered a case study in this category, and what better way to showcase your talented physicians?
  • Video content is in the top five, but it is more about the production than the information. If a video looks sleek, intentional, and purposeful, that speaks to the practice. A produced video is three times more likely to make an impact than a live-streaming video.
  • And rounding out the top five content strategies is learning and virtual events. From webinars to unveiling a remodel to teaching an online course, people got used to learning from their computers, and they are not letting go quickly. Product demonstrations, effectiveness showcases, and interviews should also be considered possibilities for valued content.

New ideas are always good, but it can be challenging to put strategies into place when you are not in your arena of choice. Fortunately, Caledon Virtual has all of these suggestions in our wheelhouse. So we are ready to share our expertise with you. If you would like to discuss your options for 2022 and beyond, have questions, or request Caledon Virtual to perform a free digital marketing strategy audit of your current components, then contact us today.

We will be in contact with you within 24 hours to set up your strategy and performance audit and talk about how we can help.