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The NHL Capitalized on Twitter to Market the Stanley Cup Final

If you follow sports, you probably follow sports on Twitter. Many fans find the social media site featuring a little bird to be a fun place to turn when watching games because of the opportunity it offers for real-time interaction with other fans who dish out trash talk and share funny images. Even outside of … Continued

Your 5 Step Guide to Good Branding

So, you want to start a new business or rebrand your old one. Congrats! You might be thinking … now what?  Branding. Conceptualizing and executing a strong brand is imperative to improve your business’ recognition, differentiate yourself from the competition, and develop an emotional relationship with your customers. Simply creating a clever ad or a … Continued

#FollowFriday: The Blue Note

#FollowFriday this week focuses on The Blue Note. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. We live in an amazing city. Columbia is a bustling and diverse as nearly any city in the country, and about the only thing Kansas City or St. Louis offer that CoMo doesn’t is professional sports. One of our favorite … Continued

#FollowFriday: Les Bourgeois

To say we’ve had great weather this summer is an understatement. For Missouri it has been exceedingly cool which has led to many evenings spent with friends on various patios around Columbia. That of course leads to the debate as to which establishment has the best patio. There’s no bad answer to this question, but … Continued