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Retargeting is a low funnel tactic used in paid media strategies (Google and Social Ads) to drive users back to your website based on reserving your ad to the people who have visited your website once before.

By getting in front of your buyer persona multiple times using triggers of their behavior; it produces a higher probability for conversion. Individuals who have clicked your ad before, and have visited your website have a higher chance of converting when re-serving your ad again. Our team can create customized ad campaigns specifically for retargeting efforts so that it makes sense for your prospect to see your ad again. (Example: Using a headliner like “Did You Forget Something?”)

Retargeting can help capitalize on potentially lost conversions and leads online, as well as drive brand recognition by increasing the repetition of your service offerings to your prospect.  This low funnel tactic is the thread and needle that helps scale your efforts to drive a high volume of quality leads to your website.

Three components of retargeting campaigns

  1. Platform Diversification
    • Increase the digital footprint in your retargeting campaigns by diversifying your ad platforms. Run retargeting strategies on multiple channels to get in front of a large volume of your buyer persona. Use combinations of display, banner, and video ads; and run them on a variety of ad platforms to test effectiveness.
  2. List segmenting
    • Caledon Virtual marketing strategists can segment lists based on behavior to customize messaging and ad campaigns to audiences that are in specific phases of your digital funnel. We separate users based on their final URL destination and can identify custom offers and messages to drive them all the way through the end of your funnel to conversion.
  3. Testing
    • There is no straight line to success with digital marketing and retargeting campaigns. Our team sets controls and establishes benchmarks each month to create data points that can help determine patterns that work. We do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t, strengthening campaigns as conversion data accumulates over time.
conversion improvements
  • Conversion Driven Research
  • Breadcrumb Technique Usage
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Multivariate Split Testing
  • ICE Framework Prioritization
  • Product Page Improvements
  • Attention Ratio Simplification
  • Chatbot Creative Greeting

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