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Project Overview

Enhanced and improved website visibility on google and other search engine’s through SEO with enhancing backlinking using NO BS Marketplace, blogging, GMB posting and long-term technical SEO work

The Stats

Organic Traffic
GMB Clicks
GMB Calls
GMB Views
> 53,000
New Traffic
> 41,000
Clicks Became Calls

The Business

Missouri Cosmetic Dentistry Practice

This Missouri Cosmetic Dentistry Practice is based in the Columbia, MO area and comprised of experienced dentists who focus on cosmetic dentistry and implants work. The practice recently brought on an additional dentist and is currently growing thanks to their increased amount of new patients from marketing efforts.

The Challenges

Although this Missouri Cosmetic Dentistry Practice was well renowned in the community, they wanted to maximize their reach through their digital strategy. A lack of time from the client was their biggest initial hurdle, but our flexible communication with a way that works best for their practice’s schedule has allowed them to improve marketing without the hassle.

How Caledon Virtual Helped

After we had a consistent content schedule through blogging and GMB posts, we added additional backlinking efforts through the NO BS Marketplace which pushed their google authority score up.

The Results

Organic Traffic rose over one hundred percent, with over forty one thousand clicks produced of new traffic and over seventy percent of those clicks becoming calls. Their authority score increased by four and their keywords increased positioning on google for desired broad industry terms.

SEO New Content

Through our development of a long-term SEO strategy for the website for this client, we were able to achieve new heights by improving both the user experience looking for new content as well as the performance data of the site, boosting their SEO data further through blogging.

SEO Backlinking

Backlinking incorporates the client’s desired keywords as links to the website in blogs on other reputable sites. In turn, both websites benefit from coupled traffic and partnership.

Client testimonial

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