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Project Overview

Enhanced and improved website performance by fixing the donor page functionality, content and design improvements to the website, and adding new pages to the website long-term.

The Stats

Enabled donations ability on the website
Updated content for accurate information on the website
Updated design to allow increased functionality

The Business

Missouri Colleges Fund Inc.

Missouri Colleges Fund Inc. is based in Missouri and lead by Susan Stegeman, the President, who is focused on making a difference in the lives of young students by providing the scholarship opportunites at Missouri College’s. The non-profit organization recognized the need for an improved digital strategy to attract donors to make a bigger impact and are starting their journey with Caledon Virtual which will include additional work with a full digital strategy in the future once the website work is complete.

The Challenges

Missouri Colleges Fund Inc. has a limited budget because they are a non-profit for marketing work and had outdated content, design and functionality on the site from it’s original creation. Because they have the community support and understanding of a digital presence, we are able to help them increase their reach and help more students.

How Caledon Virtual Helped

After we made significant individual website edits, we used determined we needed to consider a new website to improve speed, functionality, design and content. This is currently under consideration.

The Results

Missouri Colleges Fund Inc. is well on their way to creating a digital asset we can in the future promote to find additional Missouri Colleges, students and donors to participate.

New Design

Through our development of multiple page designs and revisions for the website for this client, we were able to achieve significant improvements to the user journey through the site as well as the performance data of the site, boosting the client’s usability of the backend of the site.

New Functionality

Our team added donor functionality to the website and created a custom form with questions unique to Missouri Colleges Fund Inc. Our team also enabled video functionality on the website, as well as improved links to updated pages.

Client testimonial

See what are client are saying about us!

It has been fun to update our website because we received a grant to fund it. I have enjoyed working with Brianna and she has relayed my needs/requests to the team who has responded quickly and with options. Recently I learned we have limits due to the age of our website, which is unfortunate as our awareness is picking up. I don’t want it to reflect poorly on us professionally. So I appreciate the partnership to ensure we don’t look bad while trying to look good. (if you know what I mean)
Thank you for your support.