On February 10, 2022, The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery released an article discussing the overwhelming increase in the demand for elective surgical procedures. The statistics are rather staggering:

  • In 2021, there was a 40 percent increase in procedures performed.
  • Surgeons saw a 13 percent increase in bookings for a total of 83 percent of inquiries booking a procedure, up from 2021’s 70 percent.
  • Individual doctors performed, on the average, 600 more procedures in 2021 than in 2022.

Of course, there are reasonable explanations

The top being COVID canceling face-to-face interaction. As a result, the increase of human beings looking at their Zoom reflections day-in and day-out pushed many people to examine what they wanted for themselves in terms of graceful aging.

How Large Was Your Piece of the Pie?

With an overwhelming increase in elective procedures, the most popular of which were rhinoplasty, face lifts, and blepharoplasty, did you note that type of growth in your practice? Chances are, somewhere along the line in the search for a plastic surgeon, your name appeared, it might have even gotten a click. But it ended there, leaving you questioning why? Why were there so many consumers who chose other surgeons?

The answer is most likely your website

Websites are a tricky business, especially in the elective surgery arena. To be competitive, most digital marketing agencies will tell you that you must follow a certain template, present a certain image, project a “choose me” vibe. And while all of those things are true, the fact of the matter is that it has resulted in hundreds of thousands of websites that all have the same look and project the same vibe.

So, as elective procedures are rising in popularity, now is the perfect time to ask yourself: what is the current situation with my website? Is it a solid lead generator? Do I like it? Does it reflect the expertise that I have worked so hard to garner and project?

Change is Momentum

Most plastic surgeons know their clientele’s persona. Practices know exactly who they are serving. So, in line with the persona desired, the standard website outline for most plastic surgeons contains nearly all of the same elements: hero photo, before and after pictures, testimonials, bios, certifications, links to get information if the visitor wants to book a consultation. Unfortunately, they all look so much alike, a visitor might want to choose your practice, but after spending hours on Google, they simply can’t find your page again.

That is unacceptable

Caledon Virtual has spent hundreds of hours looking at plastic surgeon websites. We know exactly what is out there. We know the websites we remember, the ones that handle their visitors differently, the sites that make us want to click. And in 99 percent of those cases, it was because the website itself was not formulaic. There was something different at the top, something that engaged us in a different manner and made us want to dig further, spend more time, find out more about the practice.

The common denominator among the most memorable websites is that there is something that has deviated from the formula. Motion, engagement, something that touched the part of us that knows we deserve more than contentment, we deserve joy. And it is not superficial to believe that joy can come through investing in yourself as a human being. Change for your clients and their personal perception of themselves paired with what they see when they land on your website is the equation that provides them with the solution: your practice is what they need, you are the person they will trust to help them through that process.

Give Your Patients Space

Caledon Virtual’s web strategists don’t want you to use stock photography. They want something more for you. Website trends point to the fact that interactive websites perform with so much more gusto than just a page. And that, again, comes from knowing your clients. We want to take a step further into that. We want to help you give your visitors the experience that will make them connect with your practice in a personal way. How can we do that? There are some very simple strategies that can be employed to make your website the website that is remembered. But the number one strategy is to give your patients space.

Once upon a time, a website was necessary

That has not changed, but to continue using the “agency tested” formula to create the same website for thousands of different practices is like throwing money away. The page may be perfect in a technical sense: all the links work, it is easy to navigate, and it looks sophisticated. But the one thing that you want more than anything is hidden in a link that must be navigated by clicking a link on a page that does not pull at the emotion of your visitors. Caledon Virtual understands that any medical procedure is clinical. We also understand that human beings don’t react well to “clinical.” So, why not forego what someone looking for a surgeon already knows and focus on something they didn’t expect to find: the joy.

   Draw Them In and Book ‘Em

   Caledon Virtual has a new idea for your website experience. Here is a glimpse of what it includes:

  • Digital storytelling focusing on patient experiences
  • NO stock photos
  • A website that mirrors the color scheme, vibe, and feel of your office
  • Interactive experiences
  • High quality before and after photos that showcase your expertise
  • A specialty page where you tell your patients about the procedure that YOU have mastered
  • Ecommerce or an online boutique featuring your private label products that Caledon Virtual can help you create and design

It is your first impression in the digital world. We believe that it should be the final page that potential clients look at, so drawn in, so comfortable that they immediately reach out to you. Caledon Virtual wants to forego the formula and replace it with the unique variables that set your practice apart. We have a structure in place that makes all of these things possible with a minimal time investment from you. Together Caledon Virtual and your practice can change the face of run-of-the-mill, stock-photo websites. Together, we can make your first impression your visitors’ first choice.