It’s a competitive landscape for plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. How can you stand out from the others and showcase your skills and expertise? Digital marketing is the answer.

You could be the most talented plastic surgeon, but if potential patients cannot find you through a Google search or learn more about you online, they may not book an initial consultation. To ensure you’re in the best position to reach more women and men seeking plastic surgery, here’s a useful digital marketing guide to reference.

1. Google My Business: Add Your Practice to the Map

The first step in ensuring potential patients find you is creating your own Google My Business profile. A profile will add your practice to Google Maps and inform patients of your location, services, and hours. Plus, this profile will house your reviews from satisfied clients.

A Google My Business profile will also add credibility to your practice and make potential patients more comfortable booking their first appointment. Knowing how to easily find the location on the day of their appointment will also improve their overall experience.

2. Professional Website: Showcase Your Work

Think of your website as your online business card. What do potential patients need to know about you? What are your credentials and experience? Do you have testimonials or before and after images you can share? Your website is the space to include all of the above.

A professional website is hands down the most critical tool in your digital marketing toolbox. All digital marketing initiatives will lead potential clients to your website, where they can learn more and schedule an initial consultation. Make sure it looks professional, accurately represents your practice, and includes all the information potential clients need to know. Connect an online scheduling platform to make that initial consultation quickly.

3. Social Media: Engage with the Community

Social Media offers a unique opportunity to reach potential patients as they’re browsing and seeking entertainment online. Those interested in plastic surgery could be looking for before and after images and reading about personal plastic surgery experiences.

Your practice can appear on their feed through boosted posts and advertisements or using the right hashtags and location tags. By creating engaging plastic surgery content online, you will build an interested following and gain more community awareness that could develop into leads.

4. Search Engine Optimization & Paid Search: Rank High for Relevant Keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting your website to the top of the search results pages for relevant keywords. These keywords could be plastic surgery, plastic surgeon, plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, etc. You can rank higher than other plastic surgeons in search results by using these keywords in your content and regularly blogging on these topics.

In addition to SEO, paid search ads through Google can help your practice appear at the top of search terms. By setting your budget and targeted keywords, your practice can automatically be shown to those searching as an advertisement at the top of a results page.

Caledon Virtual is a digital marketing agency with a team dedicated to Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search. We can help your practice rank higher and gain more qualified leads.

5. Email Campaigns: Develop an Ongoing Messaging Strategy

Even with the advancements in messaging technologies, email is still alive and well. Enabling website visitors to subscribe to your emails will add them to your email list for ongoing communication. Perhaps you’re running a special for a particular procedure, or you’d like to announce you’re now offering new services, you can do this with an email campaign.

Email campaigns are excellent for nurturing your current patient base and staying connected. While you can overdo emails, regular emailing keeps you fresh in your patients’ minds.

Of Course, You Need More

In addition to formulating a stellar digital marketing strategy, you should examine your patient onboarding process and overall patient experience. Digital marketing works best in conjunction with excellent services and a loyal patient base.

Here’s a Quick Checklist to Consider:

  • Is your waiting room and office professional, clean, and appear as high-end as your services?
  • Do patients wait an appropriate amount of time for their consultations?
  • How can you make the patient experience better than other plastic surgery practices?
  • Is your front office staff well-trained in communicating with clients and handling their questions and concerns?
  • Are you innovating and providing top levels of service and care?

Caledon Virtual: Your Strategic Marketing Partner

While you focus on doing what you do best, surgery, we’re here to take your marketing to the next level. We can strategically work with you to target and reach new patients in Beverly Hills.

Reach out to us today to get started on a marketing strategy to build your practice and fill your calendar with new consultations.