Social Media is Doing a Flip; Make Sure Your Strategy Isn’t a Flop

What was life even like before social media? No one knew what you were having for dinner, that you were spending a weekend with your besties for the restie, or that your dog strangely resembled George Clooney after a mishap at the groomers. Some will argue that life before social media was better; believe it or not, there are now living, breathing humans who never lived without cell phones. So much has changed because of social media. We connect and reconnect, we follow trends, we allow room in our brains for a whole new language known as “text speak.” Social media is arguably the biggest game changer for communication since Alexander Graham Bell decided he needed Watson.

It Was Fate

No good thing can ever simply exist. Everything about our world resists inertia. It was inevitable that social media would soon become a tool for making money, not just for the creators of the platforms, but for businesses who would soon discover and use them to market and sell their products. And then came “experts” in social media marketing. The rest is history. Only it is not history, it is evolving and changing everyday. Keeping up is a challenge. Caledon Virtual can help with that.

Understanding the Changes

Understanding why the “trends” are shifting is understanding that they are more than trends. They are more than analytics and metrics. They are, for lack of a better term, worn out. Inevitably, when the average Facebook user cannot scroll all the way down the page without being subject to between five to 10 advertisements, there is a problem. The problem is market saturation. So many businesses searching for the right consumer at the right time creates a clogging effect. And it won’t stop, nor will it go away. That is why practices hire agencies that can help find new ways, new words, and new strategies that can help them try to climb out of the barrage of others who are trying to reach the same consumers.

So, those agencies move from platform to platform and try to figure out different ways to make an impact. The strange thing is that once they figure it out, so does the competition and then the crater becomes a spontaneous sink-hole on a new platform.

What You Can Do Different

You could just keep doing what you are doing and hope that you get that five percent click-through on Facebook. Or you could invite Caledon Virtual to help you step outside of the box. Here is what we recommend for the big shift that is coming with social media.

Don’t dump Facebook, Instagram and Twitter altogether.

We recommend scaling back what you are spending with those platforms and putting dollars into the emerging platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. When we say “emerging” we don’t mean they are new; we mean they are finally getting their moment in the sun.

Keep all of your social media accounts active and update them daily.

Work them with content that is fresh and new and relevant to services you provide.

Incorporate short video clips into your marketing strategy.

Introduce members of your practice, have a wellness tip of the day, something interactive and personal that speaks to the service you provide and keeps your marketing relevant to what is happening with your practice.

Employ social listening.

Caledon Virtual will have more information on this in our upcoming blogs, but basically, social listening is monitoring keywords, hashtags, even emojis and modelling your marketing utilizing those concepts as touchstones.

Pinterest is the go-to for ideas, dream boards, mood boards, and other planning and design tools used by consumers.

Building a brand presence on Pinterest is a different animal, but Pinterest boasts one of the highest click-through and sales rates of all the social media platforms.

How to best navigate the ever-changing face of social media, you ask?

Caledon Virtual can help you evaluate your current social media marketing efforts and help redirect a new strategy if that’s what you desire. We would love the opportunity to help you evaluate what might be your best options for authentic, organic reach in the changing landscape of social media marketing.