Putting Your Business in Context

We’d like to start off by sharing some statistics. In some situations, numbers speak louder than QWERTY keyboards. The following statistics were reported by 99Firms:

  • 55% of people use native messenger on mobile devices to send texts. Native messenger is the pre-programmed text messaging system into the phone, whether it is IOS or Android.
  • 91% of people would opt-in for text messages from a brand. For example, receiving texts from a retail store like Old Navy or Ulta when running specials.
  • 34% of people read a text message within five minutes of receiving it.
  • Americans check their mobile devices an average of 47 times per day.
  • 97% of Americans have a cell phone.
  • 90% of phone users check their phones within 30 minutes of waking up.
  • 51% of consumers are more likely to purchase if they receive a text.
  • Dollar-off discounts are the number one reason users sign up for text messages.
  • Appointment reminders are the number one most helpful text message.

How Does This Translate to Your Business?

Digital marketing has one distinctive aspect in common with traditional, old-school marketing: numbers. It is all about the scope and reach. For example, in traditional radio advertising, salespeople used to scout a business before going in and introducing themselves. The reason was to see if the radio station being played in the business was the radio station they were selling for. If not, the approach, the proposal, the offer, and the salesperson’s attitude would shift. They would first look at the numbers because numbers don’t lie.

While now, radio is slowly becoming one of those obsolete media, like the death of the newspaper, the numbers still rule. And when you look at the numbers and see that 97 percent of Americans have one thing in common, that is a denominator you cannot ignore.

In medical practices, this should bring about absolute and utter delight. The most useful thing about the common denominator relates directly to you. Appointment reminders are the most valuable texts. That is the golden nugget, the something you cannot and must not dismiss. People want you to text them, not because they are forgetful, but because you offer this convenience, this reminder. Text message marketing is easy to sell. Who wouldn’t want to reach 97 percent of the American population? But there is more to it. So much more to it.

The Big Picture

In the grand scheme of digital marketing strategy, you will find that most agencies will push you toward Google, paid search, social media, and all of these components that, if not handled intelligently and with a proven strategy, will amount to a small return on investment. Caledon Virtual can offer you all those things above, with the intelligence and metrics that make the risk much more calculated.

But it is our intention to change how digital marketing is done. We would like to see less risk and more return for our clients. And we feel that utilizing text messages is a cost-effective, high-return investment, not just for appointment reminders or text blasts announcing sales or specials. We believe that text messaging can be used as a kingpin in your marketing strategy to build something that will take your marketing to a new level and audience.

Small Moves = Big Returns

Text messaging seems like such an everyday action; how could it possibly have such an impact? Like most things, it is how you leverage them. Caledon Virtual does not want you to just implement a text message campaign that reminds people of appointments or advertises offers. We want your text message campaign to do what text messaging does for people in everyday life: brings them together, helps them to be aware, and sustains a relationship.

Wait… a relationship? Well, yes, because ultimately, that is going to keep your clientele coming back, and that is going to draw new customers to your practice. Consider this – with PPO and Google, customers are seeking a service. How many millions of returns would a person get if they Googled your practice? With directive text message marketing, it involves you talking to the consumer. No search is necessary; you are delivering communication straight to them. And it doesn’t have to be about appointments or specials.

A relationship is built on trust; a medical relationship is based on a specific kind of trust. Your clients don’t trust you because you have two letters in front of your name or because your waiting room plays nice music. They trust you because they believe in your experience and in you. So using text messaging to build a deeper, more personal relationship makes sense. What does that look like?

Birthday messages, wellness reminders, and thank you texts that don’t ask for a review are examples of messages that show you and your practice care about your patient beyond the procedure and the review. What if you could guide your patient post-op through each daily “norm” with a text message? Wouldn’t it be helpful for them to know that day three will be the most painful day for recovery? If something doesn’t feel right, or if the patient has concerns, wouldn’t it be efficient if they just click a link in the text message and a nurse from the office calls them right back?

Text Messages as Window Shopping

The concept of e-commerce has evolved into a catalyst for monetizing apps that allow consumers to purchase quickly. Caledon Virtual would love to bring your text-messaging campaign full circle by using e-commerce. Singular to our strategists, Caledon Virtual can help you with private label production, one of the most profitable and unique ways to encourage new clients to reach out to your practice.

A text message campaign announcing your private label product launch is a unique venture that speaks to current clients and prospects. Caledon Virtual has secured product channels to provide our clients with some of the most sought-after products to help them build their own professional product line featuring CBD, magnesium, and all-natural botanicals. We will work with you to design packaging and a campaign featuring your products, then use text messaging as a base to get the word out, including a link to the e-commerce page of your website and offerings of different ways to pay.

Text messages are also a great way to go if you are interested in refreshing your brand. You can build a buzz and follow up with an e-mail blast announcing your new look with new offers, new products, and refreshed appeal.

The bottom line is your bottom line matters, and Caledon Virtual is poised to help you look at all aspects of digital marketing in a fresh, new way. We would love to talk to you about experiencing your potential in an innovative new way.