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Our “Best Of” series takes a break this week as we focus on the Rotary Club of Columbia Northwest. An organization very near and dear to our hearts. Connect with the Club on Facebook.

We love to give back. It’s in our nature both as people and as a company. We see people in our neighborhoods, communities, and world that all need help. That can be disconcerting at best when you take a spin through the headlines of the day and see war, hunger, homelessness, and any other awful thing you can think of staring back at you. As the saying goes, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, which is why we identified a group as intent on giving back as we are.

The Rotary Club of Columbia Northwest┬áis an organization with a huge heart. We’ve learned about so many different efforts to take those small bites out of these big problems through our friends at Rotary. It puts the world into perspective and gives us hope that things can, and will, get better. Take for example last week’s #FF subject, the Guatemala Milk Project. The chances of us hearing about this effort outside of our Rotary group is pretty small. It’s an effort that has inspired a trip last summer by Nelly and Robbie to build a school followed by Michael, his mother, and Mikala to visit this week and build a playground.

There’s other benefits of course. You don’t spend that much time with a group of people without developing relationships. Some of those have even become business relationships for us or generated amazing referrals. That to us is just proof that when you associate with fantastic people committed to doing the right thing that good things are returned to you. And remember. You don’t even need to live in Northwest Columbia to be a member. You just have to tolerate eating lunch with Nelly once a week.