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Our “Best Of” series this week focuses on the iconic “Got Milk?” campaign. While we find the campaign wonderful, the underlying reason for highlighting it is to spotlight the Guatemala Milk Program, which is something near and dear to our hearts. Connect with it on Facebook. Find “Got Milk?” on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s your favorite breakfast drink? Coffee doesn’t count because that’s not a breakfast drink. That’s creativity juice and it ranks up there with air as far as basic needs for us. Orange juice is probably a front runner, but when it comes down to it nothing washes down your morning pancakes quite like a tall, cold glass of milk.

The “Got Milk?” campaign started in 1993 with what is still our favorite TV ad in the campaign:

Can’t you just FEEL the agony?! That poor guy. We haven’t had an empty jug of milk without one to replace it in 20 years because of that ad. We could go on and on about this history of this campaign, and how it’s become as much a part of American culture as apple pie. What we really want to talk to you about is the Guatemala Milk Program.

This program is an effort by the Rotary Club of Columbia Northwest┬áto get milk to starving infants in Guatemala. In fact, Michael is heading to Guatemala next week to help out with the mission work. You can learn a bit more about the program here. If you’re interested in donating to the Milk Program, just email Michael or Nelly.