Private Labeling – Products That Sell Your Services

Bootleggers and snake charmers, that’s who we have to thank for the art of marketing known as “private labeling.” Stealing tonic and moonshine from other producers and replacing it by covering the original label with a label that bore their company name is how the process of marketing an “original” product began.

Now, it is not nearly as glamorous as the Bonnie and Clyde vibe, but it has become one of the most useful, prestigious and sought-after marketing practices. Even in this modern world where digital marketing is the king of advertising, private labeling a product, especially in a plastic surgeon’s practice or an aesthetician’s medspa, is the jewel in the king’s crown.

What is private labeling?

Private labeling involves finding a product or product line and reaching an agreement with the manufacturer to market the product with the endorsement, packaging, and the name of your practice, clinic, salon or medspa.

To understand the serious prestige that comes with private labeling, you first have to understand the process.

Follow these steps and let’s discover what might be a profitable launch product for your practice:

  1. Are you concerned most with products that will help postpone the need for procedures, that will enhance procedures, that will provide after-care for patients post-op, or that will maintain effects of a procedure?
  2. What ingredients do you want to promote? Interested in CBD? We have a certified Medical Marijuana Consultant on staff to explain just how CBD can help your patients. Magnesium got your attention? We have an aesthetician on staff to discuss those options. Botanicals and holistics got your curiosity in peak mode? We have an essential elements and oils expert on staff as well. Decide what you want your product to contain or select from one of our pre-developed products.
  3. Your product will either go into development or, if you have chosen a pre-made product, it will go into visual presentation and design. This is when you will begin to market your product by building hype with your customers, on social media, through Eblasts or other activity.
  4. The actual launch can be as simple or extravagant as you like. It is most definitely something in which to take pride. Caledon Virtual will guide you through these steps until you are satisfied that you are launching an optimal product.

Why is it a good idea?

One word: prestige. Patients walking out of your practice with an exclusive post-op after-care kit is something that will be talked about over lunch, brunch or dinner.
It is your walking billboard, it is your practice out in public, 24-7.

And while the prestige is nice, what is even better is that it is completely individualized to your practice, and it involves absolutely no work on your part. Caledon Virtual has a network of suppliers, nation-wide, small business owners who would love the opportunity to work with you and your practice. From red boxing you samples of their products to providing you with a product list so you can choose what products you want to sell, white-labeling is traditional marketing that will be a boon to your digital marketing strategy.

It is a process…

So, the process is not nearly as involved as it may seem, especially with Caledon Virtual’s stream-lined selection-to-shelf system.

Here is what that looks like:

  • Caledon Virtual will provide you with suggestions, samples or a product menu
  • Once you select your products from our established network of sources, our design team will contact you and begin working on package design
  • A teaser campaign will be run through your social media marketing and an email campaign will be designed for clients and prospects
  • You approve the packaging and your product line hits the shelves

Turn-around on this process is as quick as two months from the date of decision to bottle your expertise! You will find that having your own product line lends credibility, foot-traffic, and renewed word-of-mouth clout to your practice. The white-labeling process is money so well-spent because it provides you with a tangible piece of marketing collateral, something that your patients and clients can hold in their hand.

What will be expected of me

To put it bluntly, nothing. Nothing at all except for the fun stuff: picking your products and approving designs. Caledon Virtual can even design your merchandising and display for you, specially suited to the products you choose to carry. Our team will take care to write instructional brochures or info blurbs, help add an e-commerce page to your website, and design a targeted, local campaign or take you nationwide. We cover all of the bases, including getting the word out about your product line, creating an instructional video campaign, or videos and webinars about the products and how they work. You are just one decision away from becoming a beauty influencer.

How to get started

All it takes to get started is a phone call or an email to Caledon Virtual. Tell us that you are specifically interested in the white label marketing strategy and we will connect you with an account coordinator who will help you navigate your product launch from there.  We can also coordinate and manage a short-term digital strategy to help generate a buzz about your product line.

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