On Friday May 10th, 2013 the world changed forever. No longer was it beholden to a sad pair of stagnant yellow rain boots. The world demanded more. It demanded style! Sass! And a certain “je ne sais quoi” when wearing a pair of rain boots around town. We are proud to announce Now open for business.

We talked about Brynne and Bailye Stansberry and their entrepreneurial endeavor in our #FollowFriday post. These twins are truly awesome people, and their personalities really helped define the design of the website we built for them. When you visit the page, there’s zero doubt about where you are. Like many entrepreneurs around Columbia, the Stansberry’s name is tied to their business. So you see their name in the middle of the page. You also see the stylish merchandise front and center.

We’ve designed the site to be simple and straight forward. Connect with the twins via social media at the bottom of the page, learn more about them, or get your shopping started. In many ways, this is just like the twins. Fun, easygoing, and very practical. That’s a favorite tactic of ours, really. Making the website match the personality of our client(s). If a website (or a social media profile for that matter) is an extension of the business, and the business is an extension of the person(s) running that business, doesn’t it make sense that the website would reflect those personalities?

We are incredibly happy and proud to be associated with Brynne and Bailye. We hope you enjoy browsing the website as much as we enjoyed building it.