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Everyone loves a great meal at a favorite restaurant. If you are a regular, the staff doesn’t just recognize you, they know you. They know who you are, how many kids you have, and how to make your omelet exactly the way you like it. Bright yellow and oozing with cheese. In fact, the cook knows if you don’t have your breakfast the way you want it, your day at the office will be out of whack. It’s a beautiful relationship. They know what you want before you ask, and are able to make suggestions they know you’ll love.

But what if one morning, your alarm fails and you don’t have time to drive an extra ten minutes to that favorite restaurant? Instead, you drop in somewhere closer to home—somewhere you’ve never been. They don’t know your preferences, and it takes a LOT longer to explain your breakfast needs. As hard as they try, you look down at a slightly brown omelet with barely a string of cheese.


In the end, the extra time used for explaining made you as late as you would’ve been to begin with. AND you had a crappy breakfast.

There’s a Better Way

It’s easy to see that taking shortcuts isn’t always a great idea–especially when it comes to your marketing strategy. Just like you want a cook who knows your dietary needs, you also need a marketing firm who knows your business needs. In the midst of a design emergency, it can be tempting to contact the nearest or cheapest option, but doing so will only hurt you in the end.

When you have developed a relationship with a great marketing agency, they’ll be there when you need them. They might not be able to fry your perfect omelet, but they can whip up a cup of coffee the way you like it—guaranteed.

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