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The craving can attack at any time, any place. That unmistakable hankering for a beautiful squishy roll of rice, seaweed, little tiny vegetables, soy sauce, and just a tiny punch of wasabi. Yes, my friend, you too have experienced the overwhelming power of the inevitable sushi hankering.

But when does it usually happen?

When you are three hours into a long road trip and there’s only one option to satisfy your hunger.

A gas station.

Strapped for cash and patience, you give in. It can’t be THAT bad, right??

We all know the answer to that question.

For the same reason you’ll never again waste your money or precious taste buds on gas station sushi, you should take the same considerations when considering a marketing agency for your advertising campaigns. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Stale product – Do you know how long that peculiar looking California roll has been sitting in the refrigerated display case? Neither do we. In the same regard, you’ll want to look for agencies who are staying on top of digital trends and the latest industry tools. If you don’t, you risk marketing to today’s culture with content and design that is horribly past its expiration date.
  2. No personal contact with the chef – One of the perks of going out for sushi is sitting at the bar and watching the chef work his magic. Make sure your agency is inviting you into the creation process. To successfully reach your target, the marketer needs to understand who YOU are and how people interact with your brand.
  3. It comes in a box – Sushi belongs on an expensive plate in a gorgeous arrangement—not shoved into a foggy container. The same holds true for your marketing collateral. It should be created with the highest level of personalization. If your marketer isn’t willing to create a product that reflects the breath and life of your business, consider taking your project elsewhere.
  4. The chopsticks leave splinters – Breaking apart those cheap little chopsticks can leave a pesky splinter at best—a deep scar at worst. Choose a marketing agency who is friendly, vested in the community, and who boasts a lengthy track record of success. If you waste your time and money with the cheaper version, you run the risk of paying for it later when the product flops.
  5. The way you feel after – Even if it tastes okay going down, the feeling you get after consuming a box full of over-processed food and un-pronounceable chemicals is just awful. The same holds true after a botched marketing plan. You feel cheated and unmotivated to try again with another agency. When completing a project with a top-notch professional, you’ll feel more motivated and have more hope than you did in the beginning—because you’ll see amazing results.

While it may be tempting to save a few bucks to get a quick marketing fix—consider the value you will receive in the end. At Caledon Virtual, we are media-agnostic. Instead of shuffling you into one specific type of media, we will help you decide what the best strategy is for your brand. The end product will wow you while also creating a relationship of trust with your target audience.

Marketing questions? Give us a shout! We hate gas station sushi, and we can’t wait to chat about it with you.