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Caledon Virtual's new office location in southwest Columbia

We are a virtual company. What is a virtual company? One that subscribes to a new idea that a building doesn’t define where work is done. It’s the people that make up the company that define it. We’ve always been a virtual company and we will continue to be a virtual company. However, over the past few years, we’ve developed a core team that meets every day and has grown. We’ve grown that team to the point that we need some office space we can utilize and better serve our clients. So, starting on February 1, we’ll have a space we can strategize in each day.

Our company is built on a strong virtual network, and that will stay the same. Our clients will receive the same terrific service they’ve become accustomed to, we’ll just need to invest in a bigger coffee pot most likely. We’re excited about this and how it will help us continue to grow and meet our client’s needs.