Mark Farnen 1Mark Farnen 1

We continue our #FollowFriday series of people who inspire us in our work at Caledon Virtual with Mark Farnen this week.

Mark Farnen is, quite simply, one of the most interesting people we’ve ever come across. He’s a political strategist (and satirist), brilliant marketing professional, campaign button collector extraordinaire, and one of the funniest people we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Mark’s unique perspective on the world is something that we draw upon whenever we’re stick in a rut, or just can’t seem to materialize that new idea. He inspires us to take a step back, throw every conception we have about a situation out the window, and approach it from a completely new perspective. That’s what Mark does best; he makes you re-think what you’ve already thought and make sure that you’ve come to the best solution possible.

Connect with Mark on Twitter and LinkedIn.