You might not like it, and unless you have spent every hour that you are not working learning about it, you will need a competent digital marketing team behind your business if you desire to elevate your business above the competition in the next year. 

Whether you are looking for digital marketing in the Los Angeles area or a digital marketing team anywhere else in the nation, you must understand the number one criteria for the digital marketing team that you choose, whether in-house or seeking outside counsel, must be an extreme knowledge of social media, because social media, all aspects of it and how you put it to work for your business, is going to just as important as a fortified Paid Ad Search campaign. 

Caledon Virtual has recommendations for you to get social in all the most productive ways. We are looking at these in particular: 

  • Tik Tok Trending
  • Snapchat and Social Buying
  • Pinteresting Purchases
  • Using Messenger and Texting
  • Bringing in an Agency (we are totally serious!)

Tik Tok Time is Money

Don’t be off-put by the dancing teenagers in the aisles of your local grocery stores; Tik-Tok is a place to grow your business. Here is how that looks: you are not going to be able to do long videos on Tik-Tok, and chances are you are not going to get followers because of entertainment value. 

So, Caledon Virtual recommends that you cast your net another way, by utilizing Tik-Tok to animate the “happily ever after” of aesthetic treatment. 

A short post could start with a before photo and transition to a live video of the after. Other ideas include short moments with the staff, debunking myths, and other short content that makes for entertainment content.

Caledon Virtual has tons of ideas and we can create a conceptual schedule for your business, a rolling discount schedule for Tik-Tok users, QR code signage or Eblasts and other ways to utilize Tik-Tok to position your business as an account that presents as infotainment, self-betterment, encouragement, and a pass-thru to clients in your office seeking your services.

Up your Social Media Presence in a Snap

Yes, we know that traditionally Snapchat is all about filters and friends. But Snapchat, according to 2021 Nielsen ratings, was more effective in reaching audience-market targets than television. So what are you supposed to put on Snapchat? And who has time for that? 

Caledon Virtual understands the finer points of Snapchat that allows your practice to target not only an audience, but a specific geographic area. So, if you want to push your injectables in the western Los Angeles area, Caledon Virtual can create a geo-fence for that area. Or what about a filter that allows clients to “try on” your procedures. Caledon Virtual can take care of all of these ideas in a, well, in a snap.

Pretty Pinteresting

And rounding out the top three of the small social media trifecta is Pinterest. It’s not just for wedding planning, DIY, or prom decorations. You are asking, wait, there’s a small media trifecta? 

Technically, yes, and this small trifecta is where the lion’s share of your social media marketing dollars should go. And yes, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are still the heavy hitters, there is a “lost in the shuffle” phenomenon that is happening, especially when paid search ads aren’t constructed by people who understand how Google works. 

So what would you put on Pinterest that would draw people in? Pinterest is the perfect launch pad for photo stories and visual essays. These terms are well-known in the journalism world, but are now making their way into the media advertising market. A pin that links to a well- done, simple, but elegant before and after slideshow or highlighting some of your best work. 

Caledon Virtual knows what Pin-People looking for, and once we get to know, we will know how best to deliver your content to them. 

So Over the Phone

Of course you have a phone number. You are a responsible business owner and how else would people call you, reach you, schedule appointments with you? All of those things are becoming obsolete… instant messaging, texting, connecting immediately but without voice is actually gaining momentum.

Blame it on annoying voicemail or the frustration of not having someone return a call, but people have changed, and if you want to be a business that keeps up with the people, then it is time to have someone on the DM’s or Messenger all the time. 

Really, we are serious. This is how people want to connect – and it makes sense when you consider that the new generation of business leaders will have spent their adolescence texting their mothers from the living room or game room asking when supper will be served. 

The thing about non-audio contact is that it leaves a virtual trail. Most social media platforms have a messaging system that allows you to connect appointments made with your calendar, so instead of jotting the number or date or info down on a napkin or a piece of paper that will most definitely get lost, the information that was messaged or texted can be linked to a digital calendar. 

The integration is seamless and easy and it is what people want. Caledon Virtual can help you set up messaging platforms that assist your clients and your practice managers with an up-to-date system that will help convert interests into consultations.

Kick It Out of the House

One of the biggest trends in social media is not doing it yourself. It seems counterintuitive, after all, you know your business better than anyone, right? But do you have the time it takes to run a practice and run a full-force digital and social media campaign? Chances are, you do not. That is why most businesses who are seeking growth are farming out their digital and social media strategies to companies who specialize in just that. 

And we are not just saying that Hootsuite reports that businesses, especially small businesses need to work with boutique specialists for social and digital media marketing, especially in a time that speaks to an economic crisis. Hiring an in-house digital marketing person is not the best use of money when it comes to the large spread now involved with active social media marketing. 

For what you can pay one person, you can get an entire marketing, content, strategy, and sustenance team in your corner, managing all of it with knowledge, experience and expertise. Caledon Virtual has a full-service team that stands ready to facilitate all of the digital marketing and social media marketing strategies your business needs to promote growth and confidence.

While the landscape of digital marketing is definitely changing, these are not huge changes. But handling the new trends as they come along means keeping your content relevant and up to date. And sure, you can hire someone to do it, but to truly cover all of the bases, you can take what you will spend on one hire and get a full-service, experienced digital marketing agency, an agency that can and will cover all of the bases. 

Caledon Virtual can cover those bases and more. Contact us today.