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We began a month-long #FollowFriday theme last week with Gig.U, and we’re continuing that this week with its Executive Director, Blair Levin. You know all about Gig.U from last week’s #FF post, and Blair is the brains behind the effort of Gig.U. And we do mean brains. A quick look at his resume:

  • Chief of Staff of FCC Chairman Reed Hundt from December 1993 – October 1997
  • Oversaw implementation of the 1996 Telecommunications Act
  • Executive Director of the Omnibus Broadband Initiative
  • Lots more you can find here
There’s obviously plenty of reason to connect with Mr. Levin (having not met him personally, we’ll refrain from referring to him in a personal matter. Mother taught us manners. Also, it makes us feel like we’re writing for the New York Times.). As the Gig.U initiative moves forward, Mr. Levin will become a key player in bringing ultra-high-speed Internet services to the smaller markets typical of university communities. Seeing this effort grow, and how he helps bring this technology to markets like Columbia will be incredibly interesting to watch. How would you grow an effort like Gig.U?  Tell us in the comments.