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It’s fun to say you’re on the leading edge of something. Unless that something is an avalanche. Then you’re probably running (skiing?) for your life away from tons of snow that are hurtling down the mountain towards you. This isn’t an avalanche though; it’s an effort to bring ultra-high speed networks to research universities and their communities. As you may have guessed, the University of Missouri and Columbia are a part of this effort.

So beyond making YouTube load faster so we can see cats do ridiculous things even quicker, what’s the goal of this? It’s about moving all of us forward. The more data that can flow to a research institution (in our case, MU) the more amazing things that institution can innovate and/or create. The digital world is shaping how we will work, communicate, play, shop, socialize and more every single day. Gig.U wants to ensure that research institutions and their communities help in that shaping.

Why follow? Because you can help in the mission. By showing our support for this project, we can bring these high speed networks to Columbia. What would you do with an ultra-high speed Internet connection? Let’s hear it in the comments.