tiger quarterback club silent auction 1tiger quarterback club silent auction 1

The Tiger Quarterback Club held its annual auction last Friday, and we were fortunate enough to develop the online auction.

With the popularity of TQBC, and the auction, we knew we’d have to do this page really well. Quarterback Club Web Administrator Joe Schmitter was very happy with our responsiveness. “The smoothness of the auction completely hinged on Caledon’s responsiveness. They corrected a clock issue that could have been very confusing for our bidders, eliminating the issue quickly.”

That wasn’t the only way we were responsive. “The auction software was designed to increase the bids by $1 increments,” said Schmitter. “Because this was a fundraising auction, the club wanted the bids to be shown for the full amount each bidder was willing to pay for an item. Within minutes of raising this issue, Caledon Virtual was able to adjust the settings to the clubs preference.”

We always strive to experience our potential. This is what it sounds like when we help our clients experience theirs, “I was under a ton of pressure to make the online silent auction and the live auction blend seamlessly and there is no way I could have done so without Caledon Virtual making my life so easy!” says Schmitter. “The club has not yet released a final total, but every indication was that it was quite a bit more than last year. A significant portion, in my opinion, can be contributed to Caledon Virtual for providing the necessary tools to help us reach the desired audience.”

Really, it’s all summed up nicely by TQBC President Kyle Bowers, “Thank you for making the event so successful. You guys were GREAT!”

That’s why we do this. Not for recognition or for nice things to be said about us. It’s because we want our client’s to continue to succeed and grow.