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Experience Your Potential™. That’s our trademark.

It’s something we try to do every day here at Caledon Virtual as we develop solutions and communications that make you stop, pay attention, and feel truly satisfied about what we’ve created.  And it’s what we do for our clients.

Each day, a client will come to us to with an idea, a spark … a potential.  And it’s our job to work with them to experience that — not to just get the job done, but to realize the full potential of the idea.

Someone that made that same decision recently is filmmaker Casey Neistat. Nike recently tapped him to make a film around its new FuelBand, centered on the theme of Make It Count. So Casey did what every person in that situation would do. Grab their best friend (Max Joseph in his case) and go globetrotting for 10 days. The end result is, frankly, spectacular:

The story so far is that Nike gave Neistat a pretty big check (exactly how big, we don’t know), with the orders of making a movie that would “make it count”. That’s exactly what he did. He and Joseph took the trip of a lifetime, circling the globe in 10 days visiting places from Paris to Tahrir Square.

We all have this kind of potential inside of us to make it count. It’s taking the leap off of that ledge and embracing the idea no one in your industry is seizing on. It’s risking ridicule to win praise.  We’ve done it for PrintNinja, for Club Rock, and many others; and we can do it for you, too.

Neistat’s film captures a lot of what we try to make Caledon Virtual every day. We make every effort count towards building our client’s brand. Websites. SEO. Social Networking. We never feel we’ve achieved perfection; we’re always striving for more.

How do you Experience Your Potential? Contact us today to get started and make your idea count.