In Beverly Hills, everyone wants a perfect, white smile. With the number of cosmetic and general dentists in the area, you need to stand out.

Digital marketing puts you in front of potential patients and showcases your practice as the best option to trust with their teeth. Here’s a digital marketing guide to help you increase your patient numbers.

Every Dentist Needs…

A Professional Website

If your website isn’t up to the expectations of your prospective Beverly Hills clientele, this is your first step. You must have a professional website. This is the number one way potential patients will assess whether to make their first appointment at your practice.

This website should be user-friendly, intuitive, and fast. It should load in only 2-3 seconds. Make sure to have strategic navigation that highlights your services and to include engaging descriptions that naturally integrate keywords potential patients could be searching for. A well-done website is your modern-day business card.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is when you optimize your website to appear higher in search engine page results. The better your search engine ranks, the greater the chance of a prospective patient finding you. SEO is time-intensive because it is organic, but there are little things you can do to get started.

Google My Business Profile

Make sure you have a profile set up through Google My Business. This will help you show up on the map and provide information for all potential patients searching for dentists in their area.

It is also an amazing tool for SEO. Not only does it validate your business on Google, but you can also post to it regularly using important dentistry keywords to increase your page ranking. 


Blog regularly on dentistry topics and aim for at least 300 words. The longer the better for SEO, but as a busy dental practice, 300 words is a great goal. Try to write blogs on specific services potential patients would search for, such as dental implants, teeth whitening, and crowns. 

Website Optimization

You can optimize your website for SEO by including high-quality content such as graphics and videos, and including alt text on graphics. Alt-text is a description of what graphics depict that shows if the images aren’t loading. It tells search engines what is in the picture.

These can have keywords as well, such as: “Woman in Beverly Hills receiving teeth whitening.”

Publishing slight tweaks to your website pages will also help with SEO because it shows your website isn’t stale. This is also why blogging regularly provides SEO benefits.

Making sure your website is secure, loads quickly, and is mobile-friendly will help boost SEO. Providing links to reputable sources and being linked to other websites can also help. 

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO. 

Social Media

Social media enables you to engage with the Beverly Hills community. Having an online presence will help your followers see your dental practice’s personality, get to know your staff, and learn what they can expect if they book an appointment. 


A comprehensive marketing strategy includes paid advertising. There are a million different places and ways to advertise, and Caledon Virtual can identify the best strategy for your practice. Whatever advertising method you try, make sure to track your results.

Advertising requires ongoing measurement of ROI to ensure what you’re paying into it is worth what you’re getting out of it.

Advertising does require the skill to choose the options and settings that will get you the most relevant audience for the best price. We can help with your advertising needs.

Here are a few advertising options:

Google Paid Search

Google Paid Search shows ads on the top of search engine pages that look like search engine results. Typically, you pay per click. Depending on the keyword and other factors, the cost per click will vary.

This is a highly effective way to intercept potential patient traffic when they are in the middle of searching for solutions.

Social Media Ads and Boosted Posts

Social media ads extend beyond those who follow you or like your Facebook page. They help you reach out to those who haven’t yet learned about you or your services. You can use them for brand awareness, web traffic, or to build your following.

Boosting is also an option when you have a post performing better than usual. Put some dollars behind your high-performing posts and see what kind of response you get. With about 82% of the U.S. population on social media, you’re bound to interact with your target audience.

Print, Outdoor, Transit, Etc.

You can get creative when it comes to advertising. You can sponsor local events, pay for ads in regularly mailed magazines, and even rent a billboard. Ever see an advertisement on a bench or bus? What you know about your potential patients in Beverly Hills will impact where and how you advertise. 

An Excellent Patient Experience

Patients have mixed feelings about dentistry. While some don’t have any issues with visiting a dentist, others have many. This is why some will even opt for sedation. Having a stellar patient experience will improve your reputation in Beverly Hills. 

Areas to Consider When Thinking About Patient Experience:

  • Scheduling: Is this quick and easy?
  • Waiting Room: Are wait times short and paperwork as minimal as possible?
  • Comfort: Does your staff listen to patients when they express discomfort and make the experience easier for them?
  • Skill and Excellence: Do all staff members meet a certain level of skill? Are patients satisfied with the results of their services?
  • Appointment Length: Are the events of the appointment time without much waiting time?
  • Flexibility: If a patient has to cancel an appointment, will they be able to see you again soon and not in months?
  • Atmosphere: Is the office relaxing and clean?

If patients are pleased with their services, they will return. If patients are delighted with their services, they may even make a recommendation or leave a positive review to influence prospective patients for years to come.

Ready to Experience Your Potential?

We are a digital marketing agency that can help you reach potential patients in Beverly Hills or Calabasas through a custom strategic marketing plan. This custom plan features a variety of tactics to ensure you’re marketing your dental practice as effectively as possible. 

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