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As you head back to the office this morning, the big topic of conversation is sure to be the Super Bowl ads. In a rather underwhelming year, three ads stood out to us. Our top three in reverse order:

  • Audi – “Prom” We’ve been doing a series on outstanding taglines around these parts for a while, and even featured Audi at one point. Using a new tagline, “Bravery. It’s what defines us” Audi takes a situation familiar to so many guys, and visualizes what many of us always wanted to do. Be honest. That commercial makes you want to run through a brick wall. If not, check to see if you have a pulse.
  • Budweiser – “Brotherhood” Who doesn’t have a fondness for pets? One of our team members had a childhood pet die a few years ago. He was a mess for weeks. This ad goes for all of those notes that tie us to the animals we love. Bonding while they grow, the heartbreak when we’re separated from them, and the joy we get from a reunion. As someone said during #brandbowl, “Kudos to Budweiser for making an ad that isn’t related to sex and is relatable to everyone.” Plus, add “Landslide” to any ad and we’re all emotional suckers.
  • RAM Trucks – “Farmer” No ad drew as overwhelming a positive response on social media (save for Oreo’s impromptu blackout ad) than this one. The real brilliance behind this ad is it’s continuation from the Chrysler ad featuring Clint Eastwood from last year’s Super Bowl. Chrysler is branding itself along with its subsidiaries, as the real American car company. More than just being made in America, or employing the most Americans, but being the pure ESSENCE of America. Farmers, Paul Harvey, and hard work. This ad completely oozes Americana. And it’s our choice as the best ad of Super Bowl XLVII. (It should be noted that some think this may be a ripoff of an ad uploaded to YouTube last year.)