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Our ongoing series of great marketing continues this week with Audi. Follow them on Twitter, connect with them on Facebook, and watch them on YouTube.

What is the truth? Is it factual information? Is it a gut feeling? Is it what we choose to believe? The truth is all of that, and more. Audi is banking on it. Their tagline, “Truth in engineering” pitches the idea that all other cars are false.

Think about that for a moment. Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, BMW, Jaguar. According to Audi, they’re lying to you. What a brilliant move and mindset to plant with three words. Audi is suddenly a brand that isn’t selling you an automobile. They’re selling you the truth. Think of the trust you can put in a company whose product represents the truth.

The worries of breakdowns, faulty equipment, the “wow” factor…they all go away. Three words. So much emotion. A brilliant piece of marketing from Audi.