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There he is. The one you’ve been eyeing since that glorious exchange at the water cooler. No words were said, but there was definite chemistry. And now another fateful opportunity is here. Pushing away the lingering doubt, you take a deep breath and slowly approach this gorgeous specimen. When your eyes meet his, uncertainty swirls and suddenly you’re in a fog. Unwilling to risk humiliation, you keep your mouth shut. After an awkward moment, he nods his head and saunters away.

Aannd… you blew it.

Why do you always freeze when a great opportunity lies just within your reach?

Before you get depressed, let’s backtrack. Did you have any concrete information about the man? Probably not. If you had, you would have known how to appeal to him. You’d know, for instance, if he is even looking for a date this weekend. Or, you know, if he’s married.

Just like you wouldn’t ask a guy out without checking his left ring finger, you shouldn’t advertise your products and services to an audience you don’t understand. Potential clients are just like potential dates. They must be understood, wooed, and kept.

Stop fumbling your pick-up lines and follow these 6 Easy Steps to Wooing the (Client) You Love:

Find an Attractive Prospect

Spend time naming the perfect client for your business. Where do they eat lunch? How many kids do they have? What is their favorite Netflix indulgence? When you know the demographics, interests, and habits of Mr. or Ms. Right, you’ll begin to speak their language.

Let the Stalking Begin

It’s time to dig a little deeper into the mind of your prospect. How will your products solve their problems? What relief will your services provide? Make a list of the pain points of your perfect client and how your business will come to the rescue.

Make the First Connection

Armed with some insider information about your prospect, you are now ready to make an emotional appeal. Develop a marketing strategy that will capture the interest of a cold lead. Social media, radio, and TV ads are great ways to lock eyes with someone who needs you, but doesn’t know it yet.

The Big Ask

You’ve spent time interacting with the client and you’re ready to close the deal. Create a digital marketing strategy with landing pages, newsletters, and blogs to pull them into your brand. Once they realize how dreamy you are, they’ll be ready to take the plunge.

Wine & Dine

First dates are exhilarating, but even the tiniest slip-up can ruin the chances of a second. Do EVERYthing in your power to provide the very best customer service to all clients—and especially the new ones.

The Very Best Ball & Chain

Once you put a ring on it, you’ll have a committed customer who is loyal to your brand. They will gladly spread your fruitful seed by expressing their level of satisfaction with your services. Over time, the intentional effort you put into this one client will multiply into a vast world of possibilities. The sky’s the limit!

Have you overcome some of these obstacles? Leave us a comment—we’d love to hear your story!