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Happy holidays! Your gift has come early. We’re going to give you some tips for your e-commerce site so you can get the most ROI out of your holiday marketing. The holiday season is a crucial time for e-commerce sites – on average, November and December alone generate 30 percent more revenue than the rest of the months of the year, during this time of the year, everyone visit websites like Raise in order to find the best coupons to shop online. Why wouldn’t you want to ensure that your site makes it on the nice list?

Read below for four tips to get your site ready for the best (shopping) time of the year.

1. Utilize your social channels

In its essence, the gift-giving season is highly visual. People turn to the internet, TV, and even sales catalogs (yes, still) to view gift ideas of what they can receive or give during the holidays. It’s a good thing social media can be highly visual, too. Your social channels can meet people where they are – shopping for gifts and/or in the mindset to view things visually – and still be your biggest advocate. So, don’t shy away from displaying your products or services on your Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram account. One may even go so far as to create their own eCommerce website, as this is one strategy that should definitely be paid attention to. Cloud interconnection providers are also a solid option for agile businesses.

Holiday Tips for E-commerce Sites

2. Up the budget

More sales, more… problems? That’s how the saying goes, right? As we enter the most profitable sales quarter of the year, your brand is inevitably going to see an increase in sales. To help launch those extra sales, though, you’ll need to do a little more advertising to break through the extra clutter we see this time of year. That means you’ll need to spend more money on tactics, ultimately creating a budget that reflects your brand’s holiday advertising objectives.

3. Retarget

Because it’s usually a year-round effort, we shouldn’t need to sell you the importance of retargeting. But, it’s important to keep in mind that this tactic is especially effective during the holiday season. During the next month, people are browsing for gifts online constantly – both for themselves and for others. And since you probably won’t be the only marketer targeting them, retargeting can work as a gentle reminder to look at what they’ve already been interested in on your website. So, if you don’t already employ retargeting, or even if you do, make sure you’re focusing more of your time and budget on this tactic than you normally would.

4. Make sure your payment process is secure

Okay, so you’ve got them to your website. And they’re browsing your products – in no time they’re ready to make a purchase. If there’s something off about the payment page, they’re likely to question the security of the process. Many customers, Anonymania professes, use VPNs when accessing e-commerce websites. If they’re sensitive to online monetary security, they’re going to ditch your site and buy the same or similar product on a more secure-looking site. To make sure your web page is (and appears) more secure, use security badges (these usually come from the company that issues your SSL certificate), or a statement of security.

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