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The holidays can be both fun and stressful. Time seems to pass quicker this time of year. End of year deadlines are approaching, goals are trying to be met, and work-life balance can become harder than ever.


From a company standpoint, it’s important to keep your employees engaged during the holiday season. Here are 5 tips that can help you spread the holiday cheer, while continuing to get work done this year:


Create a Festive Atmosphere

A great way to get in the holiday spirit is creating the right atmosphere for your employees. Whether that means having an office decorating party or a gingerbread house competition, giving your employees something to look forward to when they come in the office will boost morale. Plus, everyone could use a quick break from staring at a computer screen all day!


Set Goals

It’s easy for all of us to lose focus this time of year, but for many businesses, it’s crunch time! Budgets are ending and final projects need to be finished up before 2017. Setting goals and incentives are a great way to keep your employees engaged. For every goal hit, provide different incentives like catered lunches, sweet holiday treats or maybe a dress-down day (ugly Christmas sweaters FTW). This way, goals get met AND employees get rewarded – double win!


Acknowledge Successes

Now is the perfect time to reflect on all the good things that have happened in the past year. Did you meet a specific goal? Gain new clients? Or maybe you just KILLED IT on your latest project? Celebrate those successes with everyone! Not only will this give your employees a chance to shine, it will get them excited for what is to come in 2017.


Create Excitement for 2017

As important as it is to look back on the successes of 2016, it’s also important to rally the troops and get them excited for 2017. If possible, share with your employees some exciting plans your company has in store over the next year. If your employees can buy into what you’ve got in the works, they’ll be more apt to put their heart and soul into the project.


Give Back Together

It’s the season of giving – not just to each other, but also to those who really need it this year. As a team, choose a charity or cause to support together. This is a great way to learn what your employees are passionate about! You can work together as a team to raise money, go out in the community and serve or collect items for the selected organization. Not only does this help bring joy to those less fortunate, it also will bring your team closer by being mutually invested in a cause.


Wishing you and your employees happiness and cheer this holiday season!