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It may just be us, but it feels like just a few weeks ago we were waving goodbye to 2012, yet here we are. Staring 2014 in the face. 2013 has been an incredibly exciting year for us here at Caledon Virtual. Our business continues to grow, thanks to every member of our team. A special thanks has to go to our newest partner, Sean Spence. He’s inspired us to do many things this year, and for the year to come. Including getting in shape.

There’s many places you can do that around Columbia, but there’s a reason Wilson’s Fitness Centers seem to have a full parking lot regardless of time or location in town. The friendly folks there are only interested in one thing; helping you meet your fitness goals and setting new ones when those are achieved. They’re more than trainers. They are your partners in what is an often difficult road.

There’s much inspiration to be had around the Internet on getting yourself in shape. Seriously. Just click this Pinterest link. Beware…that’s a rabbit hole even Alice would think twice about entering. Inspiration will only get you so far. When that initial thrill of beginning the process wears off (for us, it’s usually halfway through the first workout), the people at Wilson’s are there to support and encourage. The most valuable thing they’ll give you is direction.

You see, getting in shape is more than just eating more veggies and going to the gym. It’s about understanding your body, which types of exercise work best for you, and which diet suits your needs. You need a team to help you through the process, and Wilson’s specializes in that sort of thing. So, connect with them on Facebook and Twitter and join us in getting your body in shape in 2014.