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We could do a BuzzFeed style article telling you what we’re thankful for and make it 50 or more items long. But this isn’t BuzzFeed, and we’re not looking for inflated click numbers. We want to focus instead on why we’re thankful for the many things we enjoy.

This has been a monster year for Caledon Virtual. We’re on pace to double the business we’ve done in our 5-year history in the next two years. That comes down to our clients trusting in the work that we do. That’s not something to be taken lightly. We believe trust is a difficult thing to earn and we take it very seriously. While trust doesn’t pay the bills, we firmly believe it is the most valuable commodity we trade in.

We’re thankful for the positive reputation we enjoy. We work hard to provide our clients a service they enthusiastically talk about with others. That’s at the forefront of our minds each time we interact with our clients. Not because we want our reputation to remain positive. Because the superior level of service we offer is the right thing to do.

Thank you to all of you for believing in us