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Caledon Virtual, after months of research and planning, is moving to a four-day work week. Effective, July 6th, we’ve been on a Monday-Thursday work schedule.

Have you heard of this work week schedule? After reading about the benefits and planning what this would look like for our agency, we’re excited about this for our team and look forward to delivering the same quality marketing services to our clients. 

Benefits of a Shorter Work Week

Why did we make this switch? The evidence pointed to benefits we couldn’t ignore:

Better work-life balance for our employees

Working five days every week makes it hard to schedule appointments, run errands, and stay on top of normal everyday life. The research suggests having an additional day to take care of these tasks without worrying about juggling work responsibilities leads to a better work-life balance and boundaries.

Greater efficiencies while at work

Our research also indicates that having an additional day off every week leads to greater efficiency and productivity while at work. Knowing there are only four days to get through work projects helps cut down on inefficient systems and work processes, leading to greater productivity overall.

Our agency is already very agile, and we’re looking forward to learning new ways we can improve our processes to make projects run even more smoothly.

Improved employee satisfaction

Along with a better work-life balance, a four-day work week improves employee satisfaction with their job. Employees may also experience decreased costs associated with full-time childcare.

Elevated employee retention

A four-day work week is innovative and puts companies on the cutting-edge of their industry. This leads to employees feeling secure in their jobs and the benefits to the employee mean that person will likely stay with the company for a long time.

Andrew Barnes, the mastermind behind this work week schedule, wrote in his book, The 4 Day Week, “By focusing on productivity and output rather than time spent in a workplace, the four-day week allows for better work-life balance, improved employee satisfaction, retention, and mental health.” 

What Does a Four-Day Work Week Mean for Our Clients?

We want you to know we will continue providing the highest quality work, on time, and on budget. Our deliverables will not change, and we’re dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction and success.

We’ll be available to answer your questions, respond to calls and emails, schedule meetings, and deliver work Monday-Thursday. You can expect the same level of care, attention, and delivery on those days with our staff working more productive, efficient, and focused hours.


We’d love to hear from you! If you have questions or concerns about this change, please reach out to us.