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Our “Best Of” series this week highlights Waffle House for its outstanding Twitter feed. Be sure to follow the shenanigans on Twitter and connect with them on Facebook.

There are many, many, many joys in life. The joy of watching your children grow up. The touch of your significant other’s hand at the end of a long day. The sand between your toes on the beach. A waffle smothered in butter and syrup. And a brand that’s using Twitter to connect with its audience…and doing a fantastic job of it.

There’s just something about Waffle House isn’t there? There are a huge number of breakfast places to visit in Columbia (trust us, we’ve probably visited all of them), and somehow Waffle House always finds itself near the top of our list. The food is just what you want on a lazy weekend morning, and the Twitter feed warms our heart.

Twitter is usually a misunderstood tool for brands. Many use it to simply post pictures or talk about the latest special they have. Waffle House posts a lot of pictures, and they do talk about their products from time to time. So what do they do that sets them apart from other brands?

THEY TALK TO THEIR AUDIENCE. You wouldn’t think that would be a tough thing to do for brands like Waffle House. You’d be very wrong. We see so many brands who simply “broadcast” on Twitter. The feed exists solely for SEO purposes. That’s not the case with Waffle House. They have a fun and engaging feed that appears to be monitored a large majority of the time. The culture of your brand doesn’t end when your customer leaves the store. It goes wherever your brand is found.

When you walk into a Waffle House, what do you expect? A boisterous and loud atmosphere, full of laughter and conversation, right? That’s exactly what the Twitter feed does. Scroll through that timeline and try not to laugh at some of the things they’ve posted. It’s friendly, fun, and makes us want to go eat Waffle House right now. So we will.