Valentines Day 1Valentines Day 1

Branding is something near and dear to our hearts here at Caledon Virtual. It is what we build many of our ideas and plans around, and we take it seriously. We’re nothing if not hopeless romantics though, how else to explain Nelly being married to Michael after all? With Valentine’s Day approaching tomorrow, we’ve been thinking about the branding that surrounds this day.

Valentine’s Day is branded by Hallmark (specifically) and other companies as the day to show your one true love how you feel. It’s the day that cards, chocolates, flowers and fancy dinners are in high demand. It’s much like Christmas when you stop to think about it. A holiday campaign designed to have you spend money with companies to show someone how much you love them. While that sounds cynical, it’s not. It forces us to concentrate on that person we care so much about, and how to show them we love them.

So, the questions that have been in our mind are:

  • How would you brand YOUR Valentine’s Day?
  • For your relationship, what would your slogan be?
  • What would your logo look like?
  • What would be your campaign goals?

Interesting thoughts, aren’t they? Let’s talk about it in the comments.