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Retargeting is a form of digital marketing that can keep your haunt top of mind by consistently staying in front of your ticket buyers. The concept of retargeting can seem daunting, so I have put together the following points that will help you understand what retargeting is and how it can help your haunt.


What is it? And Why Should I Care?

Retargeting is a close relative of a general marketing term, ‘Remarketing’. It is as simple as it sounds. A ticket buyer sees your haunt information in some way, whether that be through a print ad, flyer, TV, radio commercial, or in a display ad. Remarketing is the act of re-serving your ticket buyer your piece of marketing to people who have visited your website or app.

By remarketing your haunt’s information to ticket buyers, over time your ticket buyers will remember you, return to your site and drive sales. So why should you care? The answer is straight forward: because staying in front of your ticket buyer will increase your chances to drive ticket sales.


How does it work?

Retargeting is simply remarketing but on a digital front. Instead of using flyers, print ads, Radio or TV, retargeting focuses on re-serving your ticket buyers display ads online. The concept is that there are ticket buyers out there who will search and find your website, but then navigate away from your site without purchasing a ticket. This could be because it’s too early to purchase, they might be looking at other haunts to go to, or they may not want to purchase at that specific time. This is when your retargeting begins.

When your ticket buyer leaves your website, they will see your ad multiple times while surfing other websites. Over time the ticket buyer will likely click your ad, pulling them into your sales funnel. From there, providing relevant content and ease of access to conversion will help in generating large ticket sales.


Retargeting: Driving Ticket Sales Through Your Sales Funnel

In order to drive your ticket sales, there must be a well-defined way to pull your ticket buyer through your sales funnel. Retargeting can help in each stage of your sales funnel.

  • Awareness- Create display ads with your haunt’s branding and logo
  • Interest- Create display ads with your haunt attraction’s most popular features (hayrides, bonfires, concessions, etc.)
  • Evaluation- Create display ads that answer questions that your ticket buyers might have from the get-go. (When do you open, how scary is it? Can we drink alcohol? Etc.)
  • Decision- Create a display ad that show special promotions or unique discounts for those who engage your ad
  • Purchase- Create display ads that show your ticket buyers similar products/promotions that they might have purchased with other competitors


What’s the First Step?

Now that you have taken a second to understand what all of the digital marketers calling you are talking about, you can begin to understand what retargeting does for your haunt and how it is effective in driving ticket sales. The first step in retargeting (that is the most important AND the most often MISSED step in developing a retargeting campaign) is establishing a baseline. Through A/B testing, your baseline can be established so that you can operate off of knowledge rather than estimation. The baseline will tell you what SIZE ad works for your ticket buyers and what CREATIVE types of display ads (see the sales funnel to review the creative types) that resonate with your ticket buyers the most. From there your campaign can begin to spread its wings!

Want to know more about how to develop a strong retargeting campaign? Contact me at rob@caledonvirtual.com to set up a time to discuss!



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