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Tony Mikes is the latest in our series of #FollowFriday folks who inspire us. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

As an agency, Caledon Virtual is many things. Agile, focused, creative, and loyal are just a few things we’ve been called. One thing we’ve never been called is “big”, and that’s OK. We’re a part of the Second Wind network of agencies. Second Wind is a powerful information resource designed with one thing in mind – helping smaller and midsize advertising agencies, design firms and related businesses to be better.

The leader of Second Wind is Tony Mikes, a guy with 20 years of experience in consulting and advising ad agencies in business and strategy. His motto is, “No small agency, and no small agency principal, should feel isolated and alone. This philosophy is the driving motivation behind Second Wind.”

We’ve always advocated a “cafeteria” way of working with our fellow agencies. We like to bring all the business we can to the area, then let potential clients figure out which agency works best for them. We are all unique, different, and have strengths in certain areas. Tony inspires our work by showing us how we can all work together to earn new business and all succeed; without any need for the cutthroat ways of Madison Avenue.