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Columbia has a terrific entrepreneurial spirit. All over town, it seems like there’s always a new business, project, or collaboration being hatched. Earnst & Young recognized this, and awarded three local men with its Entrepreneur of the Year award in two different categories.

MidwayUSA CEO and Founder Larry Potterfield was recognized as Master Entrepreneur. Larry started MidwayUSA back in 1977, and has grown it into a multi-million dollar business over those 35 years. He was an entrepreneur way before being an entrepreneur was cool.

Brant Bukowsky

Brant and Brock Bukowsky were recognized in the Financial Services category. The brothers started Veterans United Home Loans in 2002, and were recognized in 2007 as one of the fastest growing companiesĀ in the country by increasing business by more than 1,500% in just 3 years.

These three men are wonderful examples of why the Columbia

Brock Bukowsky

business community continues to thrive. The entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to hard work, are what sets Columbia apart from many other cities. Congratulations to the Bukowsky’s and to Larry Potterfield. You make all of us proud.